So your latest product came out and you wrote a press release about it. It was a good one that got some attention and was printed in some places and not in others, which is pretty normal. So now you have to decide what you want to do with it – is it time to just toss it aside?

the word repurpose in old wood typeOf course not! There’s plenty of mileage to get out of that press release. You undoubtedly had a ton of information in there you could spread out to other areas of your PR campaign. Even if the press release received no attention whatsoever there’s plenty of places you can take it from here on out. Here are a few examples.

Mine for Blog Posts

Many PR pros would think to turn the press release into a blog post. After all, the info was interesting and relevant once, so why not one more time? You could basically expand on a few points and add it to your blog for a few quick hits…

…or you could go a step further and really make that press release work. Using the press release as one blog post is a way to further accentuate the one point you made – “We released a new product.” Instead, you should try and find many other points to take out and expand upon.

For instance, you might have talked up how great the product is and listed several reasons why. Each one of those could be a blog post – “Why Our Product Can Solve Your Need for Blank,” or “5 Reasons Your Business Need Our Product.”

Do a Video, Podcast, or Other New Media

When writing the press release you most likely wanted so desperately to expand on it more than you did. You didn’t, because you knew how important formatting and length both are in press releases, but it was driving you crazy because you were so excited about the product.

Well, now’s your chance to say how you really feel. Podcasts and video series can give you the chance to expand on the points you wanted to on your own terms. Take some major points from the press release, invite some special guests, and have at it. Just make sure to keep it interesting so people actually want to listen or watch.

Organize Your Next White Paper

Always wanted to write a white paper but never knew what your “problem” was supposed to be? The issue your product solves for your customers is sitting there right in your press release and you didn’t even know it.

For example, if you said your new birdfeeder attracts more birds than any other feeder, the problem has been that bird lovers were missing out on tons of birds and didn’t even know it. This could be the focus of your white paper. Try to find stats on average birds seen per feeder and be prepared to give stats on how many more birds your customers can expect to see.

Suddenly your little press release that experienced marginal success has become the cornerstone of the rest of your PR.

What other ways can you re-use your press release?