shutterstock_221213716Geometry tells us that a diagonal is the shortest path. Likewise, succinct communication with the end goal in mind is the shortest route for accomplishment. However, with communication it is necessary to be aware of balancing directness with diplomacy.

Providing and Accepting Feedback

Stomachs sometimes turn upon hearing very negative feedback. However, it is these times, when bracing yourself and paying attention to every detail, that will work to your benefit. While it may feel as if you are being stabbed in the back, the angrier you become usually implies there is an element of truth behind the commentary.

Negative feedback may provide two important lessons:

First, after you have calmed down, take time to examine all aspects of what was stated. Doing so sometimes provides the opportunity to recognize those elements of truth and realize incredible future results.

Second, before you launch into advising what someone else “should do,” be certain you frame the comment in a thoughtful manner with the intent to truly help the other person. In this regard, your input will be appreciated.


Instead of berating a woman for her unprofessional photo, a complement was first paid to gain attention. She was told that she looks so much nicer in person than her online photo displays that she should consider having a professional headshot taken. The woman instantly recognized the complement, and appreciated the sage advice. She immediately made an appointment with a studio to have her photo taken.

Rejection Is Sometimes A Good Thing

Disappointment may sometimes be yours when turned down on a project. The reasoning seems illogical. Soon the thought of quitting may enter your mind as you begin to wonder if continuing is worth the effort. But just as with the negative feedback, ideas of new and better possibilities come to mind when you are willing to weigh in on the facts.

Examples from an improved mindset:

1. Many times it turns out that the rejection was in fact a good turn of events as you land in a far better place.

2. Use examples of your story to motivate those you help because sooner or later most people face the same.

Buyer versus Seller

When it comes to the transaction of buying and selling there are two very distinct perceptions at hand. The idea of providing and receiving service with value included, are at the heart of making the sale.


1. As the buyer, confirm everything you expect from the purchase and details of what will happen should it not live up to what you were told.

2. Remind the buyer of all the good (value) that will come from the purchase, and that you will be there to guarantee the agreed upon expectations

Reconnecting with Diplomacy

A great way to reconnect with past prospects and clients, without seeming out of line is to say, “I was thinking of you”. Most everyone appreciates being thought of and then become more inclined to listen carefully. This is due to the belief you might be on to something special. Diplomacy builds the relationship.

Operating in this manner with your clients and peers will positively distinguish your personal brand and lead you to the Smooth Sale!