Many businesses have seen the advantage of expanding into international markets. It is easiest to operate domestically, making the international market much less competitive and less saturated than the domestic market. However, international markets won’t stay like this for long. Already many businesses are seeing their competitors enter the international market making each sale increasingly difficult to obtain. Effective communication may be what sets you apart from your competitors.

In the digital age, many question the relevance of voice communication. Even within an office setting, email has dominated as the primary method of internal and external business communication. It is free, fast, and documentable: everything that a CEO looks for. While email may be best internally, using actual voice communication in the sales or deal-closing process is vital. Over the phone, you can hear hesitation or confidence; you can better read your prospective client. People tend to portray the position they wish to hold over email, not their actual position. Someone who may come off as a hard negotiator over email may find confidence through their computer screen and in reality be quite timorous. A phone conversation requires fast thinking accompanied by hasty responses. As long as you are prepared, this fluid conversation will work to your advantage.

A phone conversation is also very personal. Much like a fingerprint, every person has a unique voice. Sharing your voice with someone else and receiving theirs is a connection that shouldn’t be overlooked. Recognizing someone’s voice is a subconscious relationship building step; distinguishing someone means that they are no longer a stranger. Through email, while writing styles may vary, all letters appear the same, regardless of the sender. Who is more likely to gain the sale, you and your relationship with your prospective client or your competitors’ email?

While voice communication is more effective, it is not documentable or free: email’s upper hand. It is always acceptable and recommended to send a follow-up email post phone conversation to confirm the details and terms agreed to in the call. The follow up email acts as documentation. As for the cost, many businesses are concerned with the excessive phone bills due to international calling. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling is an extremely affordable option for international calling and is enabled by internet connection. This price comparison tool compares prices and rates of the top VoIP providers for the most frequently called countries. So what are you waiting for? Soar above your competitors; get on the phone and seal the deal!