Add some personality to your on-hold message and help your business stand our from the competition.

Let’s face it, for small businesses, it’s all about the customer.

A recent article profiled several small businesses that were thriving by paying close attention to customer service. The article points out the challenges small businesses face with big-box and online stores, as well as the way shoppers share negative customer service experiences online.

Britt Beemer, CEO and founder of American’s Research Group, said in the article that 81 percent of people answered “nowhere” when asked “Where have you had an exceptional customer service experience?”.

The key is creating an experience for customers that they will want to repeat and share with others. Your phone and hold message are part of that experience.

Studies show that more than half of callers to businesses get put on hold every day. Don’t waste that time; it’s a critical connection point that can leave a lasting impression about your business.

Personal touches make a difference on hold just like they do inside your store or office. With a custom on-hold message, you can ensure that callers will get the same personal touches on the telephone that they will experience in your store or office. Do you have a catchy slogan or tagline that you use in your local TV and radio ads? Make sure you use it on hold, too.

Small business is all about building relationships. So share with callers all the ways they can connect with you beyond the telephone, like your website, Facebook or other social media outlets.

Your callers cannot see your business, but they will definitely get an impression about it from what they hear on hold. The right voice and background music will give the best first impression of your business on hold.