As the process of writing involves concentration, you’ll find that your work environment can be the very reason for your writing productivity issues.

  • Do you have a designated workspace for your writing process?
  • Do you experience frequent writer’s block while working there?
  • What’s causing this?

It’s important for you to have a workspace that helps rather than hinders your creative process. I’ve included three ideas for how to make your work environment work for you in part three of this five-part series on overcoming writer’s block.

Do you get distracted often while writing?

I have tried writing my articles at my office desk (I work from home) because I thought it would help me stay focused. Instead, it proved to distract me because I’d always want to check my work-related tasks and emails. My work computer was sitting right next to me, causing significant temptation and distraction.

Instead of my office desk, I moved to my couch. Surprisingly, this has worked well for me so far. It’s all about where you can work with the least amount of distractions. I make sure there’s silence or as close to it as possible when I write, but you might find that a little noise helps you.

Find that place where you can be as productive as possible with as few distractions as you can avoid.

Distractions affect your productivity and thus make any writer’s block worse. Eliminating distractions gives you the opportunity to fight that blockage and get your writing moving forward.

Have you set boundaries for the people around you while you write?

Your coworkers and especially family can make your writing productivity suffer. In order to maintain a successful work environment, you need to set boundaries with others around you.

  • Ask for privacy while you work.
  • Set designated hours for when you’d like that privacy.
  • Get a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Once you’ve set these boundaries with others, I suggest you move on to setting them for yourself. You can be your biggest distraction unless you’re able to train yourself to focus. You might want to watch a movie while you write your draft (guilty!). You may think you’re able to multitask, but writing tasks more concentration than you might think. It’s a very focused activity that needs your full attention. Even if you’re just writing your first draft, make it count. If it’s very error-heavy, you’re giving yourself more work to do later.

Setting boundaries is important because it gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your work and thus eliminate any writer’s block you might be experiencing.

Have you considered investing in ergonomic products for your workspace?

These can include a mousepad and keyboard. It can also involve purchasing an ergonomic office chair. These products not only help you maintain your physical health. It can also improve your writing productivity as a result.

Staying healthy is key for your writing success. If you develop wrist pain from typing for hours without support, you won’t be able to type (at least not as efficiently). If you’re using an uncomfortable chair with no back support, you can develop pain, which will make sitting down comfortably near impossible. This, as a result, impacts your writing.

These all cause their own form of writer’s block that you can easily avoid if you take the time and invest in the products that truly are worth the expense.