How to Tighten up Your Online Ad Copy

Keep it tight. Whether it’s your schedule or your abs, tighter is better, particularly when it comes to online ad copy.

Tightening up ad copy increases readability and makes it easier to digest the topic quickly. People know immediately what you’re selling, and folks, that’s a good thing. Think about it: how many times have you rejected an ad before finishing the first sentence? Did that sentence tell you what product the ad was selling? Probably not.

Think of ad copy like Rob Lowe’s former DirecTV persona. For our purposes, we’ll call him “Flabby Ad Copy Rob Lowe” and “Tight Ad Copy Rob Lowe.” Which one would you choose? Don’t be “Flabby Ad Copy Rob Lowe.” Use these tips to tighten up your ad copy.

Write for Your Audience

Write for your target demographic. You wouldn’t sell lawn mowers to people who live in the city, would you? Don’t waste your time writing for people who will never buy your product.

So who exactly are you targeting with your ad? Determine whether your audience is researching the product or if they’ve moved onto the consideration stage. Consider your audience’s wants and needs and write persuasively to appeal to them. Use jargon to create a bond of familiarity with your consumer, but make sure to stick to the facts. Don’t make misleading promises like saying the product is free, but failing to mention it’s a free 30-day trial. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The average consumer wants to know:

  • What’s the product name?
  • What does it do?
  • How much is it?
  • Where can I buy it?
  • Why should I buy it?

Easy peasy. But here’s the hard part. How do you make your product stand out from the crowd? For starters, don’t become a casualty of choice fatigue.

Avoid Choice Fatigue

Choice fatigue, the issue of having too many options, is a real ‘first world problem.’ Why? Well, you’re saying the same thing as everyone else competing for that prized click.

Here’s an example of choice fatigue in the popular ‘software engineer’ space:

Software Engineer Choice Fatigue

So how do you set yourself apart and score the coveted ‘click’? Consider trying:

    • Dynamic Keyword Insertion: The keyword used in the search is dynamically inserted into your ad. Think about removing this feature and rely upon strong and compelling keywords to make you stand out against the competition.
    • Always be testing: A/B test new keywords and monitor the CTR.
    • Jargon: Specialized companies like West Marine use jargon in their ad copy. For example, “SEAFIT Folding Grapnel Anchors.”

SEAFIT Folding Grapnel Anchors as ad copy using jargon

Also consider exploring these other tips to improve conversions.

Use Compelling Language

Compelling language are words and phrases that invoke an emotional response. It eliminates the need for “fluff” since strong language cuts right to the core. And it captures your eye when searching for puppies for sale. I dare you not to click on “Don’t Shop, Adopt.”

Compelling Ad Copy Text

And that’s why ad copywriters love compelling language; it gives them the ability to be concise but still eye-catching. In PPC advertising, less language is key because (let’s be honest) readers have the attention span of a goldfish. (Sorry, goldfish!)

So how do you make ad copy compelling? Incorporate buzzwords. Every industry has them and there’s a good chance you’re already using them, too. Lists like these: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing Buzzwords Bible, and 10 Content Marketing Buzzwords You’re Going to Hear Way Too Much This Year are pretty helpful in reminding yourself of the disruptors that affect your KPI’s in your growth hacking strategy (see what I did there).

Sprinkle some buzzwords within your ad copy, and you’ll draw readers like moths to a flame.


Don’t be intimidated by tightening up your ad copy. These changes will increase readability and entice readers to click on your link; thus, directing them to your website. Follow our advice (and avoid making these other mistakes) and you’re sure to create “ad-tastic copy.“

What are some other tips and tricks that you use to tighten up ad copy? How do you make your product stand out in internet searches?