the Grammar Hammer

Journalists aren’t just experts in their given beat, they are also highly developed writers with a keen eye for proper punctuation and grammar. For PR pros to have their media pitches taken seriously, they must pay the same attention to detail or risk having their pitch sent straight to the trash bin. According to The Pew Research Center’s 2014 State of News Media report:

  • 19% of respondents said it would be “completely likely” that they would delete a pitch based on a spelling/grammar errors, regardless of the content’s quality, while 33% said they would be “very likely” to hit delete
  • Only 15% of writers said they would continue reading your pitch if it had a grammar/spelling error in it

The AP Stylebook twitter handle tweets out great writing advice that PR pros can incorporate into their press releases and media pitches. Here are a few of the best tips that were shared during a recent twitter chat with Ragan’s PR Daily: