I’ve unsubscribed from more than 557 email lists in the first three months of the year and have “rolled up” 332. Many of those I subscribed to over the years and I’ve decided enough is enough. I know the challenge of this too since we use email as a way to stay in touch, educate and inspire you to take action. In fact, you’re probably receiving this blog in your inbox.

So when is enough, enough? More often than not these days, I need to clean out my inbox before I can dive into work. All those emails clutter my brain. I am not, however, a zero inbox person. It requires far more work than I care to take on. I am not that structured, and it’s only important I can think, process and manage my inbox, I don’t have a need to conquer it and get to zero.

Even with the ability to filter your inbox, we’re inundated with so much information it’s beyond what’s reasonable to consume in a day, a week, a month, a lifetime.

I found Unroll.me after deciding I was going to “kondo” my inbox and liberate my brain and fingers from one more unnecessary click. Unroll.me lets you clean up your inbox and review everything in one place and from there, you can decide to add it back to your inbox, leave it in unroll.me or unsubscribe. By the way, it’s a free tool.

It’s a bit like my view of magazines these days. I love me a good magazine, however, after buying it, I read it and realize I’ve read that same article, recipe, workout plan a hundred times before. I stopped buying most magazines and haven’t looked back. I think my inbox is the same.

If I need something, I can head over to my unroll.me account or search via Google. If you need a rest, roll up your inbox. I like this, and it’s lightened the crazy in my inbox.

I also do NOT thread my conversations, and that was a game-changer. Threaded conversations are painful to me.

I use, and I have divided my inbox this way:

I’ve found that everyone has their own way of handling their inbox and what’s important is that you do. On the rare occasion I login into my husband’s inbox, I immediately get the shakes.

I’ve been “kondo-ing” more than my inbox, and it’s good. So, if you see me in the same navy top, you’ll know why.

Lighten up and feel better.

Would love to hear how you manage your inbox and some of the tools you use.