The email signature is the last thing the person receiving your email sees. And, if you’re not smart, it may be the last one. Few people know how to take advantage of an HTML email signature to generate more leads and more sales.

I invite you to take a test now. How many of the emails you received today with an email signature.

How many of these signatures caught your attention? Probably none. Rarely one.

So, by knowing the tactics we are going to present here, you have a high chance of getting ahead of many people.

What should your email signature be like?

When we see an email signature, the structure is almost always the same:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone

But, that’s where few people realize the potential of using their signature as a trigger to generate even more results.

Think with me: If you sent an email through [email protected], why put the email back in your signature? It does not make much sense, right?

The other parts of the structure make sense, and you not only can but should continue to use them. The name, for example, has an interesting idea drawn from another place that signing his name is like a painter who signs his work. Interesting point of view, do not you think?

Thus, putting your First Name and the Last Name is essential in your email.

The telephone and the position

Some people do not like very much to put the position occupied in the signature of the email. That’s okay for several strategic factors. For example, a buyer does not like to mention that he is the buyer for a potential supplier. This type of function usually receives many unsolicited emails, and so often, they do not put the charge in the emails.

However, anyone would feel special when receiving an email from a CEO or founder of a business.

So if that’s your case, that might be a good idea. The phone is also essential to ensure that the recipient has a way to talk to you outside the email.

Especially if you are from the commercial area. Here is an example:

Email signatures for law firm
Email signatures for law firm

Since we talked about the basic structure of a signature, let’s now show you how you can generate more leads and sales with it.

Enjoy the space in your signature to place a link from your site. A clean link that directs you to purchase an item related to the subject of the email.

For example, use “Check out our special Children’s Day promotion” when it’s time. Invite the recipient to continue browsing your site.

Put links to your blog in your email signature. Probably your prospect will be interested in knowing more news about the industry since he is talking to you. With an excellent inbound marketing strategy, this prospect can become a lead and a potential buyer.

Look at this case of a professional inviting the leads to participate in the newsletter.

Email signature with CTA
Email signature with CTA

Use social networks

A survey by Facebook itself showed that the good presence in the social network influences more than 60% in the purchase decision. And now with the ratings, that number increases even more.

In general, people read at least 4 recommendations before deciding to buy with a particular company.

So, take the time to include your social networking links in your signature and ensure a good experience for that prospect.

One idea is to have social icons that create a contrast to the email signature to get more attention. Look this example to inspiration:

Email signature with social icon
Email signature with social icon

With these simple tips, you can make email signature a way to turn what would be a simple mention of your name into more leads and more sales for your business.


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