Be interested in othersCan you relate to this?

Do you ever go through times of writing where you just can’t find good, quality words or content that you think your readers will be interested in? It happens to all good writers. If you have been blogging for an extended period of time, (more than 2 years) you will find times where the words are just not coming to you or you can’t get excited about your own articles and topics.

It is during these times, that I take a break and read more about what other people are writing. It also helps me discover some areas that I want to write more about and areas I definitely want to stay away from because there is so much information on that particular topic.

Here is the process I go through in looking at other people’s work.

I start with Twitter – I follow some great people here and I like to dig deeper and read more of their tweets and better yet, more of their original posts on their websites. In addition, I will check and see if any of these people can be found giving a similar presentation on YouTube.

From here, I look at some of the major marketing, content marketing and social media conferences and I check out the speakers who are presenting and I dig deeper into the content they post on social media and better yet on their own websites.

The next part of the process is to increase engagement.

Basically, I try to acknowledge people on Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ by commenting on some of the articles and information they have posted. This helps me develop rapport with people and keeps my name fresh with people I come in contact with.

Finally, I put together my list of trending topics and better yet topics that people are not addressing.

This type of information is what really drives me. I don’t want to talk about topics that everyone else is talking about. I want to write about information that few people read about.


To be an interesting person, means getting outside of yourself and always learning. The best way to do this is to be interested in other people’s work. No one person has all the answers, and frankly too many people do not take the time to stop and discover other people’s content. So when people take note of the content you provide, you should really considerate this quite an accomplishment in today’s world and make sure you thank people for taking the time to read your information and stay connected to you. In order to be an interesting person, you need to reciprocate and be interested in their work as well.

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