Smartphones and mobile advertising are not the only reasons why call conversions are important in marketing. Calls have always been a critical part of the customer journey for industries with expensive, complex, or infrequent purchases.

For these businesses, consumers need to talk to a real person to get the answers they need to make a purchasing decision. Industries like automotive, insurance, financial services, travel and hospitality, and home services all rely on phone conversations to acquire customers.

Where the New Customer Journey Features Phone Calls

While more people prefer to call businesses when they are ready to make a purchase, consumers will call throughout the customer journey across industries.

“Having someone available for customers to speak with at every point of their purchase journey is important.” —Laura Goldberg, CMO at LegalZoom

Providing a quality call experience is now an important part of acquiring and retaining customers. It’s why marketing teams at many businesses are taking more responsibility for what happens in the call channel.

customer journey

When Closing Business Relies on a Call

The calls businesses receive happen throughout the customer journey and are critical for turning prospects into loyal customers. They play a pivotal role in every industry:

calls insurance
40% of insurance purchases happen over the phone.
calls financial services
Financial Services:
68% want to call a bank while researching purchases.
Senior Care:
70% of marketing leads are phone calls.
calls travel
Travel & Hospitality:
35% of hotel bookings are from phone calls.
calls automotive
25% of auto shoppers first contact dealerships by calling.
calls health care
Health Care:
56% of patients book appointments by calling.
70% want to call businesses to purchase local services.
calls insurance
40% want to call to learn about programs.

It’s all about understanding how your customers in your given industry want to engage with your business. If that includes a phone call, marketers need to embrace it, track it, and enable themselves to optimize based on call data.

“In the mortgage business, very few people go all the way through the application process without some kind of phone contact. That could be an inbound or outbound call, but the majority of our volume is inbound.” —Rich Smith, CMO at ditech Mortgage

There are dangers to not attributing calls from your marketing, so ensure your team is equipped to include call data in your analytics. Read more about the unexpected impact of call conversions on marketing ROI in our free guide, A Wake-Up Call for CMOs.