Gmail-Extensions-Improve-Communications.jpgThink of the last time you sent an email. It was probably not very long ago, or if you’re like me you could have another tab open in the middle of writing one now. In either case, emailing has become a standard part of our daily work lives. And like any element of your job, there’s always a little room for improvement.

These are a few Gmail extensions I’ve found to not only improve my email communication, but also simplify some actions, too.

Just Not Sorry

This is one of my favorite extensions. There’s a time and a place for beating around the bush in communication, but business emails aren’t one of them. You’ve got a small amount of time to relay important info – do it right. Just Not Sorry underlines words that diminish your voice and the confidence in your email messages:

  • “I think”
  • “Just”
  • “Sorry”

It doesn’t erase the words, so you can make the choice about whether to keep them or not. I definitely recommend this extension as I’ve already seen it help strengthen my own emails.

Gorgias Email Templates

Gorgias’ handy tool lets you create replicable templates in Gmail and create keyboard hotkeys (key combinations) for specific phrases. Using the same language across your emails ensures consistency and helps your contacts know where to find pertinent information. Plus, shortcuts allow you to save time when writing emails. Templates and hotkeys can be particularly useful when:

  • Using the same phrases in your emails – “See the attachment I have provided.”
  • Sending update emails – “This week, we had a total of [#] contacts and they did [action], Bob sold the most chinese finger traps at [#], etc…”
  • Needing variations of an email signature – Cell number vs. office number, hyperlink to different company pages

Sidekick by Hubspot

This is a really powerful data collection tool brought to you by, in my opinion, one of the best marketing platforms currently on the market. Sidekick by Hubspot shows you who opens your emails (and clicks on any provided links), gives you aggregated data about your contact’s online presence, and allows you to schedule emails to send out later. The 4.5/5 star reviews from over 8,700 reviewers says a lot about the extension, too.

Do you use any of these extensions? If so, let us know how you like them and add others you’ve found helpful below!