It’s early morning, I’m clearing email. Somehow, I feel like I’ve accomplished a huge amount, wiping out dozens of prospecting emails in 5 minutes. Every once in a while, I pause for 15 seconds at one. Today, I had about 4 emails starting the same way: “I Dave, I’m wondering if you saw the email I sent last week……” It goes on with the original email attached. Sometimes, these are ridiculous–people following up on their follow-up, following up on their follow up.

I wonder, “What do they think they are accomplishing?”

If I didn’t see the original email, that means I’m probably not seeing this email. That is, I never got it, or it went into my SPAM filter. The end result is the same, I never saw it and if you are sending the follow up to the same email, I won’t see the follow-up. So why are these people doing it.

Alternatively, I did see the email and didn’t care! So I trash it, never responding.

When I get the follow-up, I wonder, “If I didn’t care last week, what makes them think I care this week, or next, or the next?”

Whatever they sent, wasn’t interesting to me, so why send it again? Why not try something different? Perhaps an email on a different capability or benefit or different case study.

Even the famous “Sam-I-Am” of Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs And Ham understood this basic piece of marketing or catching people’s interest. When his hapless customer didn’t respond to “Do you like Green Eggs and Ham,” he changed it up-asking if they would be good on a train, plane, bus—you get my point.

What these incessant follow-ups demonstrate is, some one’s lazy and just doesn’t care! Some sales or marketing person doesn’t want to take the time to find out what I might be interested in. All they do is send me the same thing over and over, producing the same result–but making me more firm about my lack of interest in them and their company.

If someone doesn’t respond to your original outreach, why try the same thing over and over? Why not change things up?