Gmail filters 99.9% of spam, or so it claims. That said, they are always striving to do better and improve… but what’s next? A completely Spam free email account with Gmail? According to Sri Harsha Somanchi, Gmail’s product manager, yes. In a recent Gmail blog post he details Google’s means of making spam detection even better – and it’s pretty cool what they have going on there.

New Machine learning techniques have been employed by the Gmail team that will enhance the ability of the spam filter to detect spam. As of now, “report spam” and “not spam” have given the google team a lot of insight into what their Gmail users do, and do not, want in their mailbox. But, now their new machine learning techniques will hopefully give them another edge.

Via their blog, Gmail now uses an “artificial neural network”  to block “sneaky spam.” Artificial Neural Networks mimic neuron connections that are in the brain – in other words, they allow computers to learn. In this way, computers will learn and be better equipped to catch phishing scams (which are increasingly becoming a problem as they look more and more like legitimate email).

Another awesome function of Gmail’s new machine learning security, is their ability to learn about what goes in and out of your mailbox – “So while your neighbor may love weekly email newsletters, you may loathe them. With advances in machine learning, the spam filter can now reflect these individual preferences.”

Last but certainly not least, Gmail claims that they are better at confirming who sent an email – “Gmail can now figure out whether a message actually came from its sender, and keep bogus email at bay.”

One more note… a couple weeks Gmail released new themes for your mailbox, as well as a new and updated set of emojis. Here’s the link to the Gmail blog if you want to check out their awesome new announcements!