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There’s so much good that comes out of my kitchen. Not only homemade treats. There’s lots of ideas, too. Some of my best creative thinking for clients and projects is stirred up when I’m measuring and mixing. It’s no wonder that Bravo’s Top Chef, the undeniably inspiring culinary competition, is one of my favorite shows. I live for the weekly Quickfire Challenge, where “cheftestants” are given less than an hour to make something insanely delicious, often with the added twist of only certain ingredients or techniques.

We work a little Quickfire magic here at March Communications with our ZOOM practice: Give us an emerging brand, and with an accelerated timeline and concentrated budget we deliver a custom recipe for communications success.

You’re a ZOOM candidate if you’re super-confident in your lifechanging product or service but have limited time and dollars as you start up. In order to compete for attention, you need to be that much smarter about your investment.

Whether you’re the founder, the marketing lead or newly brought on to drive brand storytelling, you know this to be true: Dollars are finite, but aspirations and expectations are not. You need to get started, and you need a partner that is ready to move.

That sense of excitement and urgency is what attracted me to March, where my role includes leading ZOOM and being a director in our Consumer Innovation Group. I’ve worked with innovative brands of all sizes and at all stages of life. Indeed, the most thrilling and often rewarding work results from an extreme focus on an immediate communication need with a specific outcome.

With ZOOM, we develop a tailored program focused on strategic execution without much traditional agency ritual in the background. Though we’re concentrated, there still isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each ZOOM client is given a custom, right-sized solution to fit its distinctive stage, purpose, audience and goals. We help determine where to start, and then we take off. We’ll tell your authentic story to consumers and customers where they are and when they need to know, wherever that is in the media, social and digital landscape.

There is awesome energy in the momentum of ZOOM PR and ZOOM Digital, our two program tracks. Once we’re hitting our communications objectives – and you’re accelerating your funding or sales – we move on to the next round together. Sure, we’ll be sad the exhilarating Quickfire is over. But we can’t wait to see what comes next. Step into the kitchen with us, and let’s get cooking.