Man picking the right mail from the numerous

A targeted and engaging email list is essential for any business that wants to grow. Email marketing gives businesses a better ROI on their investments compared to other types of marketing, like social media. Even though social media is innovative, it’s also limited.

Emails reach their recipients almost 90% of the time. However, the latest Facebook algorithm causes a page to reach 2% of their fans. If Facebook and other social media channel decide to change their algorithm again, then you will lose your audience reach and their personal information.

With emails, you don’t have to worry about changing rules that will limit your subscriber range because you have control over that contact list. You don’t have to rely on another channel to build that list. That’s why relationship building with your subscribers is so important. Most of them will receive your content, be more likely to respond to your sales messages, and give you feedback than any other marketing channels.

Create Content That Serves Them
You want your subscribers to stay on your list as long as possible. You can satisfy them by creating an email newsletter that appeals to their needs and provides them value. The more value you give, the more trust you will gain. You can include links to your blog articles, curate industry news, or write a specific message for your newsletter.

For example, theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that consists of interesting editorial content: a funny quote, a summary of politics, headline news, a book recommendation, and a birthday list. The creators credit their content and active community for their growing 1.5 million subscribers!

Ask For Feedback
Emails are an excellent way to get insight from potential customers and clients. It’s through these insights that your business can create better customer experiences, online content and better emails. You can get subscriber feedback through surveys or questionnaires, polls, or a headline with a question.

Post Q&As
Do you often get questions from customers or prospects on how to solve a problem? Include them in your emails. This tactic shows that your business knows a lot about your industry and are happy to share information. The great part about Q&A’s is that most people have similar questions that they want to be answered. For example, if your brand sells skincare products, you can make a question the subject headline: “How can you get rid of acne forever?” Then you answer the question in the newsletter.

Give Away Rewards
It’s a common practice with stores to give away coupons, discounts, or other deals to email subscribers. You can do the same thing with your digital products or courses. Do you have an eBook to sell? Give away a limited time discount code. Or you keep the eBook at the same price and include bonuses to make it seem like a good deal.

Another option is to give away exclusive content instead of discounts on previous products. Give them free downloadable eBooks, checklists, or images. Just make sure that you have an intriguing subject line.