Many people who know their way around words enter the freelance market with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, talent is not all it takes.

Let me tell you how the day of a professional freelance writer goes by: he wakes up early in the morning without being worried about catching the bus/train/subway to work. He has his first cup of coffee, turns the computer on, prepares a daily schedule and starts a chase with time. For a full-time freelance writer, it’s important to achieve a daily limit. Otherwise, the payments will be lower and the bills will remain unpaid.

You are allowed to have bad days, but the work has to be done. Sometimes you will lose the initial enthusiasm, but that doesn’t mean you can take the day off, at least when you have an important order to take care of. It’s easy to give up when you face the first obstacle. If you do that, you’ll never understand that this industry has more potential than you imagine. Here are 5 tips that will help you build and maintain a successful freelance writing career:

Start with part-time freelancing

If you already have a job, do not quit it just to start freelancing. Look for writing gigs and accept to write 1-2 short articles on a daily basis. The practice will help you develop the skills of implementing keywords, communicating with clients, researching through online sources, and distinguishing good job offers from scamming ones. When you realize that you have better opportunities in freelance writing than in your regular job, you can consider turning this into a career. A list of writing platforms. where you can launch your writing career:
1. Textbroker
2. FreelancerCareers
3. iWriter
4. Dailytwocents
5. Listverse
6. Hubpages
7. Asiawriters
8. Hire Writers
9. iFreelance
10. Essaywriters

Maintain flawless online reputation

Focus! Sure, you may accept different tasks just for the money, but make sure to work on your main interest as much as possible. Are you knowledgeable about literature? Great; you can offer writing articles related to the most notable authors, or the current bestsellers.

Maintain your own blog with great care. Maybe you won’t get paid to write those posts, but you’ll have something to attract clients with.

Start valuing your work!

You might be tempted to work for scraps when you start making progress in this industry. Once you get enough exposure, make sure to increase your rates if you want to start making real money. When you achieve great rating, you’ll have every right to set the rate that works for you.

Attract real publishers

When you gain enough confidence, you should take a step towards making your dreams come true. A great freelance writer always has potential of becoming a published author. If you followed the previous steps, you already have enough authority in the industry, so you can show a decent portfolio to potential publishers. Don’t give up! Work on your ideas and someone will be interested in publishing your work.

Consider self-publishing!

You don’t have enough patience to wait for the publishers to start competing for your work? Why don’t you launch a project yourself? If you don’t have enough finances, you can publish the book in an electronic form. Of course, you’ll also have to commit to the marketing aspect, so take your time to connect with your audience.

Even if you are not interested in achieving the final goal of becoming a published author, a freelancing career can still be financially rewarding!