Conference calls and online meetings are great until one person drops off or the connectivity gets so bad you can only hear yourself. With most companies running distributed teams these days, conference calls and online meetings have become a necessary part of daily business.

After these calls are finished comes the arduous task of transcribing the recorded conversation and making sense of rapidly typed notes written during the meeting before sharing with other teammates.

As a professional who has worked on both sides of the table – writing minutes and receiving minutes, I can share that I have had the unique experience of being displeased by both sides.

Important notes from meetings are often misunderstood, mistyped or omitted; and more often than not, it takes a long time to transcribe, approve and distribute these notes that meeting attendees may have moved on to more pressing matters and trivialise the urgency of some of the conclusions arrived at the meeting.

Thanks to progressions in artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, software like Voice AI, an artificial intelligence service with real-time speech recognition are able to transcribe conference calls and earning reports in real time.

This makes it possible for you (or others on the conference call) to catch up if you drift off during a meeting. You simply log in and read the transcript.

The artificially intelligent software also, over time with more machine learning, starts to pick and present the most relevant pieces of the information from the notes, making it easier for you to summarise meetings efficiently.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have faced a lot of backlash from critics who focus on all the bad that may come from continuous innovations, especially as we give machines more power to learn and act on their learnings, but sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and just appreciate all the good that they help us accomplish.

If I can save good hours spent transcribing meetings that I attended (!), I’m more than a tad excited and grateful to receive more surprises from technological advances.

The future is sounding better all the time.

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