8 females

As a proud pager wearing millennial I believe we’re living in the most amazing times, as we are not limited by where we live or who we know or the color of our skin or our gender. Now not being limited doesn’t mean we’re treated fairly or that society has completely come to the realization that judging others and treating others different because they are different is the most asinine concept in the world, but let’s not focus on that right now.

As a Dad of 3 little girls, I’m confident that in their lifetime our society and first and foremost the speaking industry will highlight and amplify those that are the best fit for the job and that the amount someone is paid is based solely on the outcome and results that they provide and nothing more. (Want to read more on what I think needs changed in the speaking industry read: Why the Speaking Industry Needs a WakeUp Call!)

So let me explain how this blog post came about….

I was on a call recently with @LisaMLoeffler discussing what speakers I felt are truly changing the game and making a massive impact. Lisa asked me to provide my top list of speakers that are speaking on a wide range of topics from business to marketing to social media to millennial mindset. So off the top of my head I started giving her names and explain why these people were great and how many times I’ve seen them. After giving Lisa eight names she stopped me and made the comment,”Brian this is a very diverse group of speakers and not to mention they’re all females.” Now I didn’t think about the gender of the speaker or their race or their background rather when Lisa asked me for the best, I provided her eight people that I would be honored to share the stage with and they just happened to be all females.

Long story short since both Lisa and I work in the marketing space, it was a no brainer that I had to write a blog post to highlight these 8 fabulous millennial speakers that also happened to be female.

As I explained in my recent blog post “6 Business Speakers Who Helped Transform My Speaking Career” I believe that to be a great speaker you must learn from others and watching how they engage and interact on stage. These 8 female speakers are all speakers that I’ve had the pleasure of watching on stage, some of whom I’ve shared the stage with but more importantly all of whom inspired me watching from the crowd!

If you’re a brand or industry looking for powerful speakers on the topics of business, marketing, social media, video, live streaming or generational topics, I 100% vouch for these ladies being the best of the best!

Africa MirandaAfrica



Africa’s ability to light up the stage is evident in everything she does, from modeling to hosting to live streaming on periscope, which is where we first met. Africa’s passion and story is only matched by her confidence and conviction in everything she does and trust me you’ll feel it when she gets on stage.

Amy M Schmittauer




Amy has been a longtime friend of mine whom after first discovering her YouTube channel stole the next 7 hours of my life as I couldn’t get enough of her insights, her tips and tricks and her fun personality on video. Amy takes that fun personality on stage while also sharing a mix of tips that you can take away and implement with heartfelt stories and laughter that make every second she is on stage memorable. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking before and after Amy but without question the Amy is the one person I want to share the stage with next because I believe she is truly amazing.

Ashley StahlAshleyStahl



Ashley might be petite and adorable but she is an amazing coach and someone that not only inspires others to be better but she teaches them how to get paid what they’re worth. Ashley’s Tedx Talk is a must watch and as you’ll see on stage she not only wants to inspire those in the audience but she is destined to change the world.

Chelsea Krost




Chelsea to me embodies everything great you can imagine when you think about a millennial leader, from her weekly twitter chat #MillennialTalk, which I’ve been a guest on more than once, to her video interviews on all the big tv shows, Chelsea is the total package. Chelsea can get on stage in a pair of jeans or dressed for a ball and always captivate the audience because when she talks about trends or data it’s not all talk, she is living proof of it.

Erica Dhawan




Erica is a CEO, author and speaker and when you watch her on stage there is no question she knows what she is talking about and she isn’t afraid to back up every idea with data and a use-case. The title of one of the chapters in my upcoming book is “The Future Of Innovation is Collaboration” and Erica’s understanding and experience around collaboration and the workplace makes her a perfect fit for every brand and industry

Sunny Lenarduzzi




Sunny first crossed my radar while doing a video series for Hootsuite and Huffington Post and if I have to be honest her smile and fun attitude had me hooked but her knowledge and ability to deliver valuable content had me coming back to watch each week. Since then I’ve had the chance to share many stages with her and it doesn’t matter if she is talking about YouTube or Productivity or Snapchat, she will deliver an action packed presentation full of videos, crowd interaction and even some laughter as she seems to always seems to share funny and random events that have happened in her life.

Samantha Klein




Samantha might work for “Big Blue” IBM but she is driving change, inspiring others and active on digital more so than any entrepreneur or startup founder that I know. Samantha takes the stage with a big smile and tons of excitement and within minutes I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat ready to stand up or fistpump with her as she isn’t there to talk at the audience rather rally the audience to join in the mission with her.

Lizza Monet Morales




Lizza or let’s just say XOXOlizza cause that’s how she’ll introduce herself to the audience is an amazing friend and leader that has built a community that calls themselves “#LoveBugNation” and there is one thing I’ve learned and that is everything Lizza does is 100% filled with love. Lizza’s childhood story and path to success is an incredible one that I can promise will bring you to tears as it did me. But beyond her stories and her community Lizza is a bad ass latina woman will out hustle and out work anyone to get what she wants and when she is on stage sharing those stories or talking to an audience there is no question that no matter the topic or industry she’ll make you want to be part of #LoveBugNation