Your business writing skills will help determine whether your audience sticks with you or not. Are people finding your content? Are people reading and buying? The quality of your content plays a big part in the success of your online marketing efforts.

5 Business Writing Tips That Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Understand Your Audience – Are you aiming your blogs and content at your customer base, or professional colleagues? Or is it another audience? In most industries there is a knowledge gap between businesses and their customer base. If you are not writing at your customers’ level, you are likely losing readers (and dollars) in the process.

What does this mean? Watch your $10 words. If your industry geek speak does not need to be used, don’t use it. If it needs to be used, define it. Your business writing is not the place to prove how smart you are. If readers don’t know what you’re talking about they will likely move on to the next search result.

Solve Customer Problems – Your reader found you while searching for the solution to a problem. They see you as a potential solution, and it is up to you to live up to that. Show how your product or service benefits them. Show that you can reliably answer their questions, and are worthy of their trust.

Are there frequent questions you receive in person? You can blog about those, and provide answers. Err on the side of giving information away. Your readers and customers will reward you for it.

Be Kind to Your Readers – You’ll want to understand the digital medium, and what your readers are conditioned for on other places around the web. For instance, the internet is a highly visual place. Make sure that you have a compelling image. Consider using infographics, graphs, or other visual ways to convey your message.

You’ll also want to break up text into shorter paragraphs. Consider using bulleted lists and subheads to break your content down for those who are scanning, making it easier to read. Your readers are doing you a favor. They can go somewhere else. Make your business writing easier for them to read.

Learn the Craft – As I mentioned before, your business writing is an opportunity to earn your audience’s trust. Consistent spelling or grammar errors can grind at your reader, and a willingness to settle before you put a professional product on the market.

Make sure you are taking the time to spell things correctly, and double check your work. Spell check won’t catch the wrong usage of there/their/they’re or it’s/its. Learn to improve your word choice and vocabulary, and make your business writing pop with stronger verbs. Compelling copy can move people closer to your call to action.

Show, Don’t Tell – There are a lot of lessons businesses can take from journalists as they produce their company’s marketing. One key lesson is to show and not tell. Show your readers how your product or service works. Show them how your business has benefited real people. Don’t just write that someone was scared, or broke or hungry. Show them through action. Your readers will start to identify with you.

Compelling Business Writing

Well written business content grows your bottom line. It sells. It makes customers out of readers. Are you doing everything you can to improve your business writing? Make sure you have the right tools. You can also hire a freelance marketing writer to improve your content.