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Some experts have described ERP solutions as the ‘systems babel fish’ because it can accurately translate data between you, your customers and suppliers. Stock, orders, delivery and other processes can all be passed smoothly between interactive systems.

1. Data accuracy

Resolve issues and disputes with ERP solutions:

  • Data is centralised.

  • Data is authoritative.

  • Data is drawn from across your business.

  • Data can also be drawn from client and supplier systems.

  • Data cannot be massaged or made to look better – you just have the raw facts.

2. Audit trails and dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, ERP solutions can force a swift resolution.

  • Audit trails demonstrate order progress and fulfilment.

  • Automated order progression demonstrates progress of every customer request.

  • Comprehensive records allow you to identify problems and resolve them to prevent future disputes.

“By using automated dispute resolution workflows that leverage advanced BPM (Business Process Management) technology companies can transform themselves. Instead of dispute handling controlling you, you can cross over the line that puts you in control of your environment.” – Art Hernandez, Vice President, SunGard

3. Business decision-making

ERP solutions provide the data you need to make informed business decisions:

  • Real-time information = real-time decisions.

  • Real time information eliminates excuses.

  • Real-time information allows people to act immediately on exceptions.

  • Real-time access to KPIs, often in dashboard view, gives staff instant visibility of operational performance.

27% of manufacturers implement ERP to address delays in decision-making from lack of timely information (Aberdeen Group)

4. Customer queries

Pre and post-sales queries are costly and time consuming. ERP solutions can:

  • Provide access to order history and despatch details to customers.

  • Automate common customer tasks, such as issuing email status updates.

  • Automate returns processing.

  • Provide 24x7x365 self-service support.

57% of all consumers look for after-sales support online first. (PRBus)

5. Internal status updates

Good ERP solutions allow employees to remain focused on production and delivery, rather than administration:

  • Progress of orders is immediately viewable in the production pipeline.

  • Automated status updates and personalised notifications can be emailed or highlighted on personalised dashboards.

  • Every member of the production line can view outstanding or upcoming tasks to better plan workloads.

“By implementing this strategy of providing real-time data to as many employees as possible the organisation is aiding its employees in making agile, informed decisions. Since decisions are being made at all levels of the organisation, providing more users with access to data will promote a culture that relies on data and will result in an organisation that is better educated on the factors that impact decisions” (Aberdeen Group)

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