If you want the most loyal customers, ones that will stick around with you for a long time, you need to build customer trust. One of the best ways to build customer trust is by providing great customer service. When your customers know that you have their backs, they’ll have complete trust in you as a company.

Plus, great customer service can even increase sales. According to statistics from American Express, 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service.

But, great customer service isn’t just about solving the problems of your customers. To deliver superior customer service, you need to step up your communication skills.

Check out these 5 communication tips that will boost customer trust.

1. Be transparent.

The first step to improve your communication with customers is to be transparent. Transparency is now the new normal in business. Being transparent means that, as a business owner, you need to remain open with your customers regarding your business goals, history, performance, operations, and so on. Even during a brand crisis, you can maintain customer trust by being transparent. In fact, according to statistics, 85% of people are more likely to stick by a business during a brand crisis if it has a history of being transparent.

So, strive to be open and honest with your customers. Aside from sharing information with your customers, get feedback from your customers as well. Asking your customers for their opinion in a customer feedback survey will give you powerful insights and make them feel valued. Just don’t forget to tell your customers that you’re planning on using the data they provide to better serve them.

2. Get to know your customers.

When providing customer service, you typically are most concerned with getting to the root of the problem and solving it in a timely manner. But, don’t underestimate the power of small talk. Talking to your customers like they’re your friends is an effective way to boost customer trust and is sure to impress them. Your customers will remember that you took the time to ask them about themselves.

So, be sure to spend time to ask your customers how their days are going, what their goals are in using your product/service, and follow up after initial conversations to see how they’re doing. Getting to know your customers will allow them to see the people behind the brand.

3. Offer a number of communication channels.

Because of the technology today, people have a ton of options. While some people still prefer the old-fashioned phone call, other customers prefer using different channels to get their customer service questions answered. So, it’s important that you offer a number of communication channels to your customers.

For instance, social media is becoming one of the most popular channels for customers to air their complaints. Take a look at how JetBlue Airways handles upset customers on Twitter.

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Providing a number of different avenues for customer service such as phone, email, text messaging, and social media will increase trust because your customers know that they’ll be able to get a hold of you many different ways. Plus, you’ll be able to cater to each of your customers’ unique needs and preferences.

4. Be quick with your responses.

Just a few years back, if you had a customer service issue you’d have to contact the business on Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm, and sometimes wait hours or days for a response — but not any longer. Customers today are used to getting an almost immediate reply. In fact, according to Small Business Trends, 82% of consumers expect immediate response on sales or marketing questions. So, you need to be lightning-fast when responding to customer service issues.

Providing quick responses shows your customers that they’re your top priority. When a customer knows that they can get an immediate response, they’ll trust that you’ll always be there to help them. This is not only good for retaining customers, but customers who haven’t made a purchase yet won’t be as hesitant to do so because you can ease their concerns right away.

5. Add live chat to your website.

Speaking of lightning-fast responses, one of the most popular and must-have customer service channels today is live chat. Customers want to know that you’ll be there for them anytime they have an issue, which is why adding live chat to your website is a great way to boost trust with customers.

With live chat on your website, you can not only provide convenient customer service but guide customers through all stages of the buyer’s journey.

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Plus, even if you can’t be there for your customers 24/7, you can use a chatbot WordPress plugin or outsource your live chat so that your customers can get answers at anytime. In fact, according to LTVplus, live chat outsourcing is proven to increase eCommerce conversion rates by 11X.

Over to you.

Communication is the key to amazing customer service. When you improve communication with your customers, you can increase trust, create lifelong fans, and even generate more sales. So, open the lines of communication with your customers and let them know that you’re there for them — always.