Impressions count. This statement has never been truer than when you’re tasked with creating an engaging presentation for an audience of your team, peers or potential clients.

When it comes to presentations, there’s little margin for error. Your content needs to be appealing and attention grabbing from the off – failure to appropriately engage your audience can lead to an overall lack of receptiveness to the points you’re trying to make.

While delivery and quality of content make up two large factors in what keeps audiences engaged, the aesthetics of your slides also play a surprisingly large role. In fact, according to Forbes, 70% of American workers believe that giving captivating presentations is a crucial skill for work success.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to take a look at the six best template websites available today – just to give you that little extra boost in planning your next big presentation.

Envato Market

Envato Market

Formally Graphic River, Envato Market makes for an amazing user-sourced range of presentation templates.

The 8,000 templates listed for sale on the marketplace carry various price tags depending on how the designer values their content – but can cost as little as $4.

Most uploaded slides to Envato Market come with an extensive range of details regarding resolution, the number of editable icons and elements, and even support from the designer themselves if needed.

The website offers a subscription package that grants users access to masses of items and themes across the digital marketplace for a competitive $16.50 per month.


Template Monster

TemplateMonster is another premium site that specialises in not only PowerPoint presentations but just about any digital content that may need a template – from Shopify layouts to JavaScript editors.

With nearly 1,000 PowerPoint templates available, you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to finding yourself a theme, and with an impressive collection of categories that range from ‘animals and pets’ to ‘real estate templates’, the chances are you’ll find a great fit for your needs.

Prices typically range from around $14 to $25 for templates, so you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re paying competitive rates for your content.

Powered Template


Powered Template is a stunning premium website that offers users the very best layouts and themes for PowerPoint, Word, Google Slides and print – meaning you can achieve beautiful consistency and coordination across multiple platforms.

At the time of writing there are over 15,000 PowerPoint templates available within, so you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re somebody who dabbles in the world of presentations frequently, Powered Template even offers a subscription package that gives users the freedom to download themes for free – with prices starting at $24.95.

Slide Model

Slide Model

With over 20,000 ready-made and fully editable templates, Slide Model has an impressive repertoire when it comes to templates.

Slide Model has a strong speciality in catering for more miscellaneous presentation purposes. The website has a section dedicated purely to embedded maps for just about any country you can think of. There’s also a competent text and tables section that’s designed to find users their ideal forms for showcasing data within their presentations.

Slide Model is a premium service with subscription prices starting at $24.90.



Finally, we have another site that’s completely free for anybody in need of a presentation template.

The beauty of ALL PPT is that it doesn’t let its templates overawe your work. They typically take the form of simple designs and cover a diverse range of subjects with visual backgrounds and graphically appealing charts.

ALL PPT may not be blessed with the more comprehensive range of templates online, but certainly guarantees value for money – and could save the day if you’re desperate for a quick and easy layout for the last minute presentation.