In order to make powerful connections in business, you need to know how to master conversation.

But for many, this isn’t an easy feat…

Even the most successful of entrepreneurs make common conversation mistakes that cause them to lose opportunities.

The problem is, most people don’t take the time to perfect their conversation skills. So, they hit awkward lulls all too often, fumble important conversations, and fail to connect.

But we’d like to help you avoid all of that. So, here are 4 conversation hacks you can use to help you make powerful connections

  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Have you heard of an “interview mode conversation”?

It’s when the conversation gets caught up in a constant stream of interview-like questions, like “What’s your name?”; “Where are you from?”; “What do you do?”, etc.

One or two of these questions are okay, but when they’re stacked in a row, they can kill a conversation quickly.

Instead, you should balance these interview-type questions with open-ended questions. You see, when you ask the right open-ended questions, you can open up any conversation.

  1. Listen and Relate Back

After you ask an open-ended question, don’t just stare blankly at the other person and zone out (you’d be surprised how common this is!).

Instead, make a conscious effort to listen to their response. Then, relate back with something about your own life.

For example:

You: What made you want to get into law?

Them: I used to love Law & Order when I was a kid, so I always had an interest in it. Then when I took a law class in high school, I fell in love with it!”

You: Ah that’s awesome! I had a few accounting classes in high school and right then I knew I wanted to get into tax accounting too. Now that you’re a lawyer, how do you feel about the profession?

  1. Avoid Oversharing

Have you ever met somebody who is an “open book”? You feel like they’re telling you they’re life story within the first 10 minutes of a conversation. It’s annoying, right?

How about somebody who just throws in a few brags here and there, like how much money they spent on their car/apartment, how important their job is, how much they travel, etc.

These are all examples of oversharing. The main reasons people do this are to overcompensate for their insecurities and impress other people.

The effect? It usually ruins the connection and makes you seem annoying.

Instead of oversharing, aim to focus the conversation on the other person. You don’t have to say that much about yourself – in fact, it’s probably better that you don’t.

Studies have shown that talking about ourselves activates the same pleasure centers in the brain that are associated with food and money.

So, when you get the other person to talk more about themselves, they’ll associate these positive feelings with you and feel more connected.

  1. Slow It Down

Often times people talk far too quickly. This is especially prevalent in times of nervousness, like during an important conversation.

The problem with talking quickly is that it makes you seem insecure, untrustworthy, and unconfident. You’re also more difficult to understand.

Instead, practice slowing down your speech. Talk slower than you feel like you need to, then even slower from there. Usually that will be the best pace to talk from.

Note: it’s better to talk too slow than too fast. When you talk slower, people will hang on your words and you’ll appear more interesting.


Conversation skills enable you to make powerful connections that can propel your business forward. Use these conversation hacks to talk the talk and make those connections!