3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Audience The fastest and most effective way to engage your readers into your content is to draw them into a story. People are naturally pre-disposed to want and enjoy stories. If you can wrap your web page content in an engaging story that connects emotionally with your reader, you have a better chance of getting them to follow your call to action.

Story telling is also effective in connecting with people on many levels, even your ‘About Me’ page on your blog, is telling your story.

So what should we be saying in our story?

How does story telling relate to your marketing??

The Power of Your Personality

The story you create can be either your own first person account of something that changed your life, or it can be the story of somebody else, such as a character you create. In either case, the purpose of the story is to get the reader to connect with the subject of the story. The problems or challenges you or your character experience should be the same problems your readers are having.

The story you create naturally needs to have a happy ending. In the case of sales copy, for example, it will always be the way the product solved the problem and improved the subject’s life forever.

When your prospective customer relates with the story’s subject, they project the solution your product is creating onto their own problems, making them more open to the idea of purchasing your product.

Whether you use a character-driven or first-person narrative, it’s important that you inject your personality into the story. Try to use familiar language that makes it easier for the reader to make a connection with the story you are telling them. This will put them at ease and help them see more clearly the benefits of your product in their lives.

Creating Trust in the Product’s Power

The character you feature in your story may be the nominal subject, but the true hero needs to be whatever you are promoting in your call to action.

For example, if you are creating a sales page for an eBook on how to cure acne, your story will describe the horrible problems that acne created in your life or that of your character.

But the true hero of the story will be the product that you discovered that cured your acne forever and caused radical improvements to your life: You gained more confidence, you were more popular than ever, your sex appeal increased and you finally found true happiness, for example.

Social Proof

Web copy frequently uses social proof to reinforce the positive message about the product they are promoting. Social proof is sometimes referred to as the “bandwagon approach” because it feeds the natural human psychological desire to be part of a larger group.

Your web page visitors will be more open to following your call to action if they believe others already use and endorse your product. According to Google, 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Adding testimonials to your sales page is often enough to tip your readers into making a buying decision.

How to Get Testimonials

Obtaining testimonials isn’t as daunting a task as most people believe. In fact, it’s actually quite easy.

First, it should be noted that you don’t want to make up testimonials. That would be dishonest and also a violation of Federal Trade Commission regulations.

But there is nothing preventing you legally or ethically from asking family members or friends to write testimonials for you. You are not required to disclose your relationship with the person who gives you a product testimonial.

Another option is to send emails to people who already have purchased your product and ask if they would be willing to write a brief testimonial. In most cases, if you ask for somebody’s help they will happily give it to you. This is especially true if your customers are already satisfied with the quality of your product.

Seeking Endorsements

A third option is to offer your product for free to people who are considered to be authoritative in your niche.

For example, if the original product you created is a video series on how to improve your golf swing, you could reach out to club pros in your city. Send them your product for free with the request that if they found it helpful to send you a brief testimonial that you could include with future marketing collateral.

Even if only a couple respond, you can use their testimonials in marketing materials for many years to come.