3 Necessities When Writing for Co-Marketing Partners

Building your website authority using high-quality content and relevant backlinks from your co-marketing partners is one of the most impactful tactics you can perform as a marketer.

More and more small businesses are using tools like BoostSuite to find their best co-marketing partners. A co-marketing partner is another small business out there in your space that is already working with your best customers. You can help each other out by exposing your brands and content to each others’ audiences.

These partnerships help you significantly with your marketing efforts. Working with co-marketing partners is much more cost-effective than other advertising methods because you’re not paying for visitors and those you do get are much more likely to become customers. Plus, the flow of visitors always remains as long as the content is evergreen and the page stays live.

You have co-marketing partners out there who are just waiting to publish your content on their website. I’m sure they have content that you can publish on your website too. When writing articles for your co-marketing partners, there are three things that you should always keep in mind:

1. Provide something valuable or interesting to their audience

If you want a co-marketing partnership to produce results, you need to make sure you understand your partner’s audience.

What makes them tick? What are their hopes and dreams? What is something that they’ve been asking about that you can provide the answer to?

These are the questions you can ask your partner to make sure that the article you write will be well-received by their audience. If you’re able to answer a frequently asked question or provide some unique insight on a topic, then you have a higher likelihood that your article will be read all the way through and result in more engagement.

Doing this will also ensure that you can contribute again to their online publication. If you provide an article that’s a major flop with their audience, they may not ask you to contribute again.

2. Don’t turn the article into an obvious sales pitch for your company

I often see this cardinal mistake made by small businesses who are just getting into co-marketing.

People can tell the difference between an article that informational in nature and a sales pitch, so heed this advice: put yourself in the shoes of one of your audience members and write something that you would want to read and share with your friends and colleagues.

Doing this will make sure that you avoid all the sales mumbo jumbo that immediately turns readers off.

Of course, it’s worth discussing the addition of one or two subtle mentions of or links to your products/services with your co-marketing partner to make sure it’s okay. You might also consider adding a call-to-action. After all, you should get something in return for providing the valuable information. This is a two-way partnership.

You should also consider linking to some of your co-marketing partners’ product/service pages to help convert some of their audience members into new customers. It will really build trust if your article resulted in new business for them!

3. Keep your articles clean and well-formatted

Have you ever received an email from someone that is easily two pages long, but it’s just one enormous paragraph? That’s one of my pet peeves. It’s really difficult to read and even more difficult to find the key takeaways.

This may be obvious, but you should use all the proper formatting and structuring when writing your articles. Here are some formatting items to keep in mind:

  • Keep your articles as short as you can while still getting your point across. Usually 400-800 words is a good range. There’s no need to write a novel, because typically web content loses engagement after about a minute of being read.
  • Use headings and hard returns to space out your content. People who read web content like to peruse content to get the key takeaways. If your content is one massive chunk, there’s no way to quickly review it.
  • Read your article out loud before you deliver it. Make sure it sounds great and there’s a clear message. Is there some emotion coming out? Humor and empathy are always great. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to read it. It shouldn’t last longer than 5-7 minutes.
  • Proofread the article and make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors.

Practice makes perfect with co-marketing so keep up the good work and you’ll quickly become a great writer!

How many co-marketing partners do you have?

As a small business, do-it-yourself content marketing isn’t efficient. You need the help of your co-marketing partners so you can expand your audience and build brand awareness.

Start by reaching out to anyone you know in your local network and see how you can help their audience out with some killer content. The more co-marketing partnerships you form, the more authority you’ll build for your website, and the more successful your business will be!

Tell us about your experience with co-marketing in the comments below. Have you ever done it? Do you plan on trying it?