In today’s digital world, it seems like all applications or devices connect with the cloud to store or process data and perform various tasks on at least some level.

But why is cloud computing actually important for businesses looking to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) solutions?

As your business considers the impact of IoT solutions and how they can help you grow, let’s look at how having access to the cloud may be beneficial in your deployment efforts once you choose to move forward.

What is The Cloud?

The cloud is a technology that helps to store, transport and process data or any files or applications across the Internet to data centers. There are many types of cloud services available, so small-, medium- and enterprise-level companies can choose the one that best suits their needs. You can consider using a public, private or hybrid cloud, or you might choose to take advantage of the many other cloud-based solutions options out there for your business.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a term that refers to the connection of multiple devices to the Internet. It has a wide range of applications in business and at home. The IoT stores historical and real-time data, enabling users to control some devices using an application. IoT solutions are improving customer experience and the efficiency of internal processes and can also help you reduce risks for your company and increase profits in many ways.

Data collected and used in the IoT can be stored in the cloud where it can be accessed any time it is required. Cloud computing is a very easy solution for transporting large data packages through the Internet.

Is cloud computing necessary for adopting IoT solutions?

It is interesting how some experts are steadfast in their position that choosing the cloud is not always necessary, while others keep saying that the IoT and the cloud are “a perfect match”.

In many cases, the companies that deploy IoT are storing and processing data in the cloud – that is a fact, but indeed there are some industries for which edge computing is better – for example, companies producing autonomous cars for which there can be no delays in data analysis and decision-making.

Even though cloud services are not indispensable for the Internet of Things, you should consider them. Today, competition among cloud-based solutions providers is so big that every company (from the smallest to the biggest) can find attractive, affordable solutions to satisfy your needs.

People use cloud services all the time – you should do so for your business as well if you want to keep up in this fast-paced, digital world.

Data processing and managing can always be taken care of locally in your physical database rather than in the cloud, but this approach increases expenses. While doing it makes some sense for IoT applications, it can significantly slow business development.

Why is cloud computing important for deploying IoT solutions?

The cloud makes it possible to compare data collected from wide areas – it may be essential for some businesses to run analytics, create business insights and access them from any place, at any time. The cloud enables faster and more effective decision-making for a company and reduces risk.

IoT systems not only enable you to connect and control devices – they also collect data. For this purpose, they often have a large number of sensors for gathering data and making intelligent decisions. Storing and processing data can take place in the cloud.

In the IoT, the core of the system is usually in the cloud – this is where most important processes take place, while the devices and sensors usually only perform the action that was commanded or collect information.

If you’re planning to deploy an IoT solution, think of taking advantage of infrastructure as a service. Connect with a consultant if you don’t have anyone in house to help you work through it.

Advantages of cloud-based solutions for business

There are many devices and applications which can work as IoT solutions – you should carefully consider if the cloud makes sense for your applications.

One of the main advantages of using cloud services along with the IoT is better access to data. Cloud services enable mobile network operators to access their data from anywhere! All data can be accessed remotely at any time and from any place via the Internet.

You will be able to perform advanced analysis and receive high quality insights for the company and your devices. The cloud ensures scalability for any amount of data received by the devices.

Using the IoT with the cloud enhances security and performance. All systems are updated regularly, and any problems can be spotted and flagged in a no time.

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