dell cloudIf looking for a complete solution for cloud computing, your enterprise need not look further than Dell. A company that has been a force in the computing industry for some time, it is no surprise Dell has become one of the leaders in the cloud movement. What does this mean for your enterprise? The provider offers a full range of cloud services for the large enterprise in any major industry, allowing for the integration of solutions specific to your needs.

Dell does not just give you a bunch of offsite equipment to connect to. It gives your enterprise everything it needs to get established in the cloud, including storage, servers, networking components, and more for managing workloads and the applications your business relies on. Proprietary software offers a simple way to manage the infrastructure, even across the cloud and legacy systems employed by your enterprise. The full range of operation, monitoring, and management is covered.

Benefit from Flexibility

The Dell model of cloud deployment can be tailored to the needs of your business. Cloud and on-premise applications are available and you can also take advantage of software-as-a-service. The portability and security requirements for an enterprise-class solution are there to get you established in the cloud. Numerous service offerings and applications make it convenient for large businesses to get the most out of cloud infrastructure and streamline their operations.

As the company does more than sell a product, you can expect help from experts in the cloud industry to guide your organization in finding the best solution and provide top-notch support. It also offers access to business applications in the cloud you need to efficiently run the organization. These include sales force, service and support, and marketing automation systems, while a full range of analytical applications are provided so you can track business performance effortlessly.

Providing an Industry Edge

Dell’s cloud solution is so flexible, in fact, that the company will tailor full cloud infrastructure solutions based on your industry. Whether you are looking for a system built to manage a sales force, or one designed for a healthcare or educational institution. Compliance and accessibility needs are addressed by the industry-specific solutions provided by Dell. The benefits are that you get one complete cloud system designed around the needs of your enterprise. At a more basic level, you can enlist services that streamline the management of email and data protection, in addition to managing Web traffic.

The Perfect Cloud for You

Dell can provide your organization with a fully public cloud, built on the vCloud Datacenter service from VMware. Hosted in a secure datacenter, the service offers you access to the storage, CPU capacity, firewalls, and more needed to run a fully secure cloud network. A private cloud can also be set up, with the same technology and expertise from Dell and its VMware partners. For enterprises wishing to have a physical and cloud-based infrastructure, a hybrid solution lets you manage components whether they are on- or off-site.

With the flexible cloud solutions from Dell, you are sure to find a right fit for your enterprise to experience all the benefits of moving to the cloud or maintaining a hybrid infrastructure.