The cloud is often praised, rightly, for the internal benefits it offers businesses.  The reliability and cost savings a cloud platform provides, compared to on-site options, can boost efficiency in business operations. Internal communications are improved when managers and employees are able to collaborate faster and stay connected from any location.

But the real benefit of following the path to the cloud is not efficiency for its own sake, or even for the sake of the bottom line – it’s the connection. The true power of the cloud lies in the way it is revolutionizing the relationship between businesses and their most valuable resource: their customers.

The cloud’s role in creating a better customer experience is only just starting to be fully understood. Here are four questions businesses can ask themselves to determine if they are using the cloud to improve the customer experience and keep customers happy:

  • Flexibility – Do you have access to your personal and business data from any location? This is by far the biggest benefit of the cloud. Businesses have realized the benefit of providing easy scalability to customers and are now moving on to mobile platforms to create their own applications, which will provide easy-access to their customers. Customers have come to expect consistent experiences across whatever channels they choose to interact over, and cloud-based solutions are the only way to make this happen.
  • Personalization – Can you offer your customers personalized service uniquely tailored to their individual needs? Cloud-based analytics platforms allow businesses to store past customer behavior and purchases, and access them in real time. Imagine the benefit of having your customer service department know who the person on the other end of the line is, along with their past purchases and experiences, all without the customer having to say a word.
  • Trust – Are you truly engaging your customers with meaningful two-way conversations? Providing consistent customer experience every time builds trust in your customer base and improves the strength of your brand. The cloud lets you keep your customers in the loop with carefully targeted communication that is relevant and timely. For businesses, being able to build this ongoing conversation with their customers can result in increased customer satisfaction and stronger loyalty.
  • Collaboration – How involved are your customers in your business model? Customers expect complete brand transparency and immediate results. The cloud opens the door for customers to easily interact with businesses, creating an open forum to create company applications, as well as collaborate, share ideas and offer feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. This level of customer engagement builds a sense of community among customers, making them active participants with a vested interest in the business.

Cloud-based solutions offer immense benefits to businesses that want to put their customers’ needs first by creating a more valuable and unique customer experience. The cloud’s ability to promote flexible and personalized customer experiences based on trust and collaboration is an almost unparalleled development in enhancing customer satisfaction. As other companies follow suit, customers will become comfortable with the cloud and come to expect this more and more in the coming years. Successfully investing and implementing cloud-based solutions to give customers a seamless, multichannel customer experience will pay dividends for years to come.

Do you have any other reasons for moving to the cloud that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!