online surveys, cloud technologyDid you know that when you decide to take your survey online, you are entering the cloud? What does that mean exactly? It means that your survey and the software you use to create and use it isn’t just in one location, it’s up in the air ready to be accessed anytime anywhere. Cloud technology has so many applications; from emails to payroll and even online surveys. No matter how you use it, there are amazing advantages to be enjoyed by going online


Think how easy it is to access a website – all you need is an Internet browser. Well that’s all you need to access your online survey. Your survey isn’t controlled from one computer; it’s not just one PC in the marketing department or one employee laptop. You can access your survey from home, work, on the train or in the airport. Your survey is working away while it’s online and you can be checking in, making changes and reading the results as they’re coming in by simply logging in online.


Online survey solutions eliminate the issues associated with dedicated software solutions. There is no need to install anything on any machine. This means there aren’t any compatibility issues between operating systems, you don’t need a mobile version of the software for your tablet and you don’t need to worry about updates.


It’s only natural to worry about the security of your data when it’s not in your hands and not stored on your machines. The cloud is a highly secure environment. Vast data centers all over the world are constantly online storing and backing up your information. There’s no such thing as the cloud contracting a virus. You can’t loose your information when you’ve stored it in the cloud. If your computer fails, you still have access to all your survey data. Your survey is protected from any outside attacks, confidential information is secure and everything is backed up on servers that are up-to-date – fast and efficient.

Creating an online survey is the most efficient way to build and distribute secure and efficient market research. With unlimited access, the latest security and no in-house IT issues, it’s almost too good to be true. Having your survey online, in the cloud, will change the way you do market research for the better. Just wait and see!

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