It’s an exciting step and now, an integral part of a business strategy to migrate business processes taking advantage of the cloud nowto the cloud. Cloud technology is no longer the way of the future, but the way of today and a key to building a flexible, scalable, and secure infrastructure.

Since many companies have adopted some sort of cloud strategy, they are noticing the benefits – faster collaboration, smoother processes, and the ability to access documents and programs remotely. The chart below (Fig. 2 from Connecting the Cloud: The Rewards of Integrated Platforms) outlines the results of respondents involved in an Oxford Economics global survey of IT and business executives who were implementing cloud technologies.

Cloud Leaders Combine Tech with Innovation

But with all new technologies, there are some challenges that parallel the benefits and must be addressed and solved to deem the initiative successful.

A prominent challenge companies are facing that occurs beyond the cloud migration and after the initial implementation, is inviting various cloud environments to “talk” and communication for seamless collaboration. The concept seems important and an obvious step for companies if they operate in many locations and/or across borders, but the actual process is a little more complicated when it comes to linking the technology.

Implementing a cloud integration strategy requires a thoughtful foundation, which may include creating a dedicated and competent team to manage, making an investment in integration tools, using service providers, and potentially outsourcing the integration to third-party vendors. The options are based on the overall strategy and budget, but the investment is worth the return, and very apparent once the cloud environments begin to create synergy and teams use the collaboration to their advantage.

The payoff from the integration extends even further and could result in increased productivity, the ability to innovate in real-time (and quickly), and more efficient interactions.

In collaboration with SAP, Oxford Communications recently released a research paper Connecting the Cloud: The Rewards of Integrated Platforms, to explore the benefits of using cloud collaboration and integration to improve business processes and some of the best practices to consider when making the move. Download the research paper and learn more about how integration is a true step toward efficiency when using cloud technology.