encryption, data security resized 600Cyber security risks are becoming worryingly prevalent in today’s climate. From spam emails containing irritating viruses to malicious attacks on private networks, we are all spending thousands of dollars every year on various forms of protection. But can it be that choosing a hosted email archive could help in protecting your data from a cyber-attack?

Local attacks

The majority of the management and storage related to your hosted email archive is the responsibility of your provider. As we know, your hosted email archive is accessed online, but is not part of your local network. For this reason, a cyber attack from within your network will not spread to your hosted archive protecting the integrity of your data.


Providers of hosted email archives take the security of your data extremely seriously. Within their data centers there could be dozens, if not hundreds, of companies’ data in storage at any one time. To have a security breach at this level is very uncommon, as very stringent precautions are taken.


Just as we expend a considerable amount of effort on the security of our data, we are also constantly fighting to keep it free from viruses. A bad virus could potentially wipe out files and backups instantaneously, however your hosted email archive is not likely to fall victim to such a virus any time soon. Just as a cyber attack can’t cross into your hosted archive, a virus couldn’t make that jump either especially because of rigorous anti-virus precautions in place from your provider.

If your business is unlucky enough to fall victim to a cyber attack, there is some reassurance in knowing your hosted email archive has prevented the situation from becoming a lot worse. Removed from the local network and stored in a highly secure format, your data is far removed from the risks that threaten traditional backup and storage solutions.

What precautions do you have in place to protect against cyber attacks?

Email archiving is one useful step you can put in place for your company’s cyber security. Download our FREE whitepaper to see how your business can benefit from email archiving.