nebula one imageCombining computing power is not really a new idea, but it is one that has gained traction in recent years as enterprises have sought out the most efficient and cost-saving way to manage data. Chances are, your IT team has considered or implemented cloud solutions from competitors such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. There is a new player in town, however, called Nebula One. A computer rather than a service, it allows you to link up many servers and control all of them as if they were a single machine. You can essentially have your own cloud computer, as powerful as the virtual infrastructure provided by many top services on the market.

In addition, the system uses OpenStack, a popular software tool for centralized control of data centers. The software is configured on Nebula One such that companies can configure and manage their own private clouds. If your business has not found comfort in paying another company to manage your infrastructure, then this solution is just the thing. Plus, just one person is needed to control the network, using a mouse and a software console.


  • Integrated, Well-Known Software – As Nebula One integrates a common software platform, companies do not spend much time learning to use the system. The software runs smoothly and is updated automatically. You will not need an extra set of engineers to work on the project, saving resources, time, and money.
  • Fully Controlled Cloud – With Nebula One, all of the processing, storage, and networking takes place behind your own firewall. This unified system does not require going outside your network which inherently presents some security concerns.
  • Standardized Administration – The system uses an operating system called Nebula Cosmos. With this, your team can implement services and configure the system such that all users can provision computing and storage resources.
  • Security – While supporting the same features as a public cloud infrastructure, the new system ensures physical security, compliance with regulations your IT staff is familiar with, and direct, secure connections to internal resources and users.

A Cloud Computing Revolution?

Nebula One was developed in secret by a computer and science enthusiast and former NASA employee Chris Kemp, with a team of engineers. Kemp deemed the project so viable that he left NASA in 2011 to devote more time to it. Today, the system is available for purchase to companies, offering the same computing power as some of the biggest names in the cloud market. It offers the advantage of not having to send data back and forth over the Internet. Many businesses have found that process to slow down data processing and access.

The future is looking bright for Nebula, the company founded around the principle of this new cloud computing system. Last September, it raised $25 million. Your company can purchase a Nebula One system for about $100,000 and have a full cloud computing infrastructure all to their own. This gives your enterprise an advantage in having a secure, scalable, and high power cloud and computing platform available in the commercial marketplace.