Cloud BrokerageIf your IT team has kept up with the latest cloud computing trends, chances are it has come across at least one of the cloud brokerages participating in an expanding market. Many companies have faced challenges in working with the public cloud. General Dynamics Information Technology is changing this, however. By using Gravitant’s flexible cloudMatrix platform, it is already offering cloud management systems to local, state, and Federal government agencies which previously struggled with such deployments.

These challenges include:

  • Cost savings: The idea of adopting cloud computing solutions is for companies to save money. The government’s Cloud First policy was enacted to ensure the goal of public cloud computing is to lower costs for organizations. In the past, government agencies could only use private and community clouds which do not typically result in the savings most organizations expect.
  • Complexity: Managing the appropriate solutions from different public cloud providers is often complex along with finding the most efficient ways to use them.
  • Standardization: If private and public clouds make up the IT infrastructure, centralized management is only efficient if there are standardized tools aiding the majority of users.

General Dynamics Information Technology Tackles Many Challenges

Using cloudMatrix, the IT systems integrator supports a hybrid cloud computing model. Its cloud services brokerage services will let government agencies use services from various providers, their own private clouds, and manage it all within a common system for management. Centralized process control is the result. The company will therefore enable organizations and enterprises to work with lower IT costs and greater flexibility in matching infrastructure with workload demands.

Cloud brokerage is taken to the next level because organizations not only have outsourced infrastructure to take advantage of. They can also test and create configurations incorporating services from multiple providers. Single service offerings in the past have been limiting, with the alternatives expensive. Businesses in which cost constraints can be inhibiting, such as government agencies, benefit from a more easily scalable, secure model. In addition, feature, cost, and service level agreement comparisons become simpler to execute. Choosing the best of each service then becomes acceptable in terms of ease of procurement and cost.

Beyond the Government Circle

What is becoming a seemingly viable option for government organizations is a model that many enterprises may find attractive. Another benefit is to bring together and govern IT resources and services, which may have been implemented in the infancy of cloud computing and not supported by the current managers in your IT department. Standardized tools, programmed to work on standardized infrastructure, help to determine how your enterprise can leverage the cloud.

Cloud brokerage has expanded to the highest levels of interest. Even the General Services Administration has expressed interest by requesting technical information, so the U.S. government is taking the rapidly advancing concept seriously. As General Dynamics takes cloud brokerage to the next level, chances are many enterprise-level companies are going to go for inexpensive, simple solutions for choosing the most effective cloud services matching their requirements.