Making the business decision to migrate data and applications to the cloud, either from your physical site for the first time or from one cloud environment to another, is a crucial task to execute correctly. In order to avoid compromising sensitive enterprise information, you need the best talent on your side to guarantee that the process is conducted successfully.

The IT talent shortage is especially prevalent when seeking cloud expertise. Knowing you can’t just hire the first person you interview to get it over with, due diligence must be taken. Look for and consider the following traits and areas in order to find the best talent for your cloud migration project.

Has Proven Experience

Overlooking this basic requirement in a candidate can be the undoing of an entire project. It may sound simple, but potential talent must have proven experience in cloud migration in order to be considered further. Have they performed a large data migration before? Do they have experience with public, private, and hybrid cloud implementation? If a candidate cannot describe the process or even summarize the steps they would take for your cloud migration project, they aren’t the best talent.

A great way to filter through candidates and only interview those that are experienced is to look for one or more cloud certifications. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification is good base-level proof of cloud knowledge, with others such as the Cloud Security Alliance Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK), MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification, and various Cloud School specialized certifications showcasing deeper skill refinement.

Knows How to Prepare

Demonstrating a past of proven experience is necessary in selecting the best talent, but the right candidate or team will also understand your unique business and be able to prepare for the forthcoming cloud migration appropriately.

Do you know which cloud will best meet your needs? Are your expectations realistic? If you rely on a key software application and think it will run exactly the same way once in the cloud, you may be disappointed. Cloud experts know the opportunities and limitations of each environment, and will be able to address them up front. Lack of compatibility with your current business operations can turn the promised land of the cloud into a hauntingly inefficient scene, and the best talent understands this from the beginning.

Demonstrates Expertise in Security

When it comes to cybersecurity and cloud risk mitigation, you can never be too careful. Attacks via the cloud are rising as more organizations migrate each day. With the dozens of threats a cloud attack poses, choosing talent that is well versed in security measures will prove essential to the success or failure of the project.

A cloud migration project leader that doesn’t understand where every vulnerability lurks could risk exposing all of your essential data to hackers. Can a candidate express a plan of action in case of disaster? Do they include backup or recovery ideas in their plan, and have they used encryption before to secure the cloud? Even the most straightforward of considerations such as guidance on which sensitive files to avoid housing in the cloud can highlight the right talent for success.

Does Whatever It Takes

Often in major technical projects, issues arise and a project becomes more difficult than anticipated. When that happens, do you want someone who will just shrug their shoulders and hand you a bill for their work? Or do you want someone who can adapt, with a team that will immediately rush more expert IT consultants to your project to do whatever it takes?

A key aspect of a cloud migration project is the necessary testing and checking that should take place toward the end. The most talented cloud teams test every single application to ensure it is working appropriately in the new environment, and if it is not, they troubleshoot until it is corrected. Knowing that someone won’t simply walk away the second the migration is complete will not only ease general concerns, but also result in a successful project.

Partnering with a Staffing Firm Versed in Cloud Migration

It can and, most likely, will be hard to find the best cloud migration experts for your project. The longer a talent search takes, the longer your project is delayed. This further entrenches you in old technology, exposes you to continued vulnerabilities, and decreases the efficiency of your organization.

Such a specialized large-scale project needs focused talent without delay. Partnering with an experienced staffing firm takes all the worry off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your regular business activities. The best staffing firms have established long-term relationships with extraordinary cloud talent and can rapidly provide you with a team to streamline your cloud migration project.