disaster recoveryHosted email archiving grants its users many benefits and opportunities to put extra precautions in place. Having an archive in place insures against the risk of loosing business information in the case of a computer failing or an email server crashing. However, while a hosted email archive will protect against this type of disaster, it is also a very effective method of protection against large-scale disasters. During every stage of a disaster, your hosted email archive is protecting your data and your business.

Far Removed

One of main benefits of a hosted email archive is the fact that it is stored away from your business premises. This becomes particularly beneficial when we consider the damage that can occur to hardware within a building. Take a fire or flood for example; a disaster such as this would wipe out the hardware in an office building and the data stored there.

Far removed from this risk, your host email archive will remain unaffected by a disaster that strikes your premises so you could consider the impact of the disaster slightly reduced with the knowledge your data is unaffected.

In the background

While you are in the recovery stages after a disaster, your hosted email archive is still working away in the background while you are getting back on track. Because the system archives your emails and messages before they reach the inbox, it won’t matter that you’ll be a number of days or weeks away from your computer, messages will be stored regardless.

Back on track

Whether you had to replace some computers or servers or move offices entirely, a hosted email archive is the least of your worries as you can access it instantly as soon as you’ve got an Internet connection. You’re safe in the knowledge that your new infrastructure is fully compliant again as soon as you’re operational.

In a disaster, we all want something we can rely on. Hosted email archives are giving us this reliability, in knowing that they are far removed from any immediate risks and that they can continue to operate uninterrupted while we work to get back on track. With a hosted email archive, disaster recovery is made that bit easier.

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