Have you ever thought about making a move to digitization leaving legacy software behind? Do you feel your ERP is stuck in old age? Is your current software falling hard to keep up the pace? The world is going digital and progressing at a faster pace, and an outdated ERP would fall into a crack to stay compliant and manage all the complexities of a competitive business environment. It’s time to know that your stone-age ERP is inviting long-neglected risk and putting your business at stake. The new technology offers enticing features that are hard to ignore so living with your legacy systems even if it provides you the sheer convenience and comfort is not a good idea.

Let’s talk about the probable reasons as to why legacy ERP is a thing of the past.

  • Inhibit Innovation

Take a fresh look at how the version-locked ERP is hindering business performance. There is a higher possibility that maintaining and running a legacy software is killing your valuable time, not to mention the time of your resources too. Over time, upgrades get more complicated and difficult to maintain. At the same time, you start risking the end of software life and failures which brings even more complexity.

This indicates that the longer you survive with legacy and outdated software, the harder it will be to embrace change. So, instead of staking your business with an old ERP, step in the world of innovation such as cloud ERP and make life easier. Cloud ERP has its own set of benefits that are hard to ignore. Cloud ERP fosters innovation and you can easily scale up or down as or when business demands arise. Further, you can focus more on value-added activities such as embark on new ventures, improve collaboration between inter departments, reduce costs on investing in large servers. This calls for a win-win situation, while the business gains from enterprise-level security, data recovery plans and innovate faster.

  • Aging ERP is a step back to business vision and speed

Aging ERP comes as a big setback to the business velocity by which it is progressing. Some of the fastest-growing companies are making major business moves as they are not hindered by on-premise and legacy software. These companies can make actionable and smart decisions on the fly. They are empowered with smart and intelligent ERP which facilitates all business users to gain a 360 view of your business. There are some useful ERP modules such as accounting and finance, purchasing and operations, sales and service, inventory and distribution, production & MRP to name a few which can help you automate every function across your business.

Had these companies relied on outdated ERP, would they still be here today? Certainly not. Your ability to compete and win big in this competitive business environment will diminish if you are running an aging software. Cloud ERP renders businesses the foundation to grow. With Cloud ERP, you need not have to worry about ongoing upgrades, larger servers, and dedicated resources. All can be easily managed by the erp software partner and seamlessly.

  • Missing out on Mobile features

The workforce is dominated by the millennial generation. They demand easy to use software that increasingly blurs the lines between professional and personal life. So, empowering these millennials with the right software remains the motif of a business to stay competitive. However, legacy ERP was never designed to support the mobile functionality feature such as for any time and anywhere workforce. With a smart and next-gen Cloud ERP, you can access your information from anywhere and anytime. You can have unprecedented visibility into sales figures, inventory costs and business operations. The outcome is that your team especially those who are continuously on the move are satisfied and contended as they scan information faster on the go.

  • Missing out on major functionalities

You probably know the catch if you are using legacy software. The legacy software doesn’t come with SaaS, Mobile, Analytics and other functionalities. To win in this competitive era, it is imperative to invest in the next-gen ERP that can accommodate current and future business needs. Inbuilt Business Intelligence is a basic necessity which a business needs to gain actionable decisions at the drop of a hat. Further, mobile functionality is imperative to view outstanding sales, sales leads, inventory counts, prospect information on the fly. These basic features are not filled by stone-age ERP software but only can be met when you invest in the smart ERP.

  • Keep your business off from suppliers, channels, and customers

Aging ERP keeps your business off from your valuable partners such as vendors, suppliers, and customers. To keep your customers and valuable patrons happy, you have to keep every operation connected. But stone-age ERP was never designed for an interconnected and global world. As a result, customers are unhappy if they can’t have the real-time information on basic details such as order details and pricing. In contrast, Cloud ERP is designed to keep the level of expectations high for everyone involved. The Cloud ERP enables your business to stay agile and respond dynamically to queries, view 360 business information in real-time.

Stepping in the world of Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP liberates your businesses from falling behind from the incompetent and outdated ERP of the past. With Cloud ERP, businesses can play smart and get the latest innovations dynamically. These business users no longer have to wait for new features, pay as they use, no costlier upgrades and no more risk of data being lost.