Today we will be looking at an interesting aspect concerning our day to day usage of Google Drive. And that is copying folders in Google Drive. All of you must have moved a folder at one point of time in Google Drive but this article concerns copying a folder. Let’s look at both of these actions in detail one by one.

We can easily Move folders from one location to the other without much fuss in Google Drive by simply right-clicking the folder and selecting Move to from the context menu. Next, we simply locate the respective location where we intend to move the folder and cap off the operation by clicking on the Move here button.

Now let’s talk about the main subject — copying folders in Google Drive. For this purpose create a new folder and name it anything you like (e.g. New Folder 100). Now move other folders, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc whatever you want to that folder.

We will be making good use of an Add-On to perform this copying folders operation. And you can only get that Add-On by opening up a Spreadsheet (Google Sheets) and then going to the Add-Ons menu. Now click on Get add-ons. In the Search add-ons textbox type Copy Folder and select the Search Result which has exactly the same name and has a blue colored icon.

Install it by clicking the FREE button located at the far-right corner of the Add-On and then select Accept to finalize the installation. Even though this Add-On hasn’t got many ratings, it does an exceptional job as far as copying folders in concerned.

Now let’s proceed to actually copying a folder. For this purpose, click the Add-ons | Copy Folder | Select a folder. Click the Select a file button from the next screen. Now you can choose to sort all the folders in a variety of ways like Last modified, Last opened by me, Name etc. Use any of these options to track and select the folder which you wish to copy (New Folder 100 in this example).

Lastly, you can choose to add a prefix / suffix (or both) to the name of the copy of the folder just to differentiate it from the original one. This option can come in handy when you intend to share the newly created copy with someone else and so you can add the person’s name as a prefix / suffix. This can prove to be particularly very helpful if you have to share the same folder’s copies with a number of people. In that scenario, you can add the individual’s name as a prefix / suffix to their copy and hence maintain their individual set of the folder (and its contents).

Once you’re done with the prefix / suffix thing, click Copy and there you go. The actual time it takes to create the copy of the folder will depend on the size of the parent folder, but overall the process is super fast and very helpful in any case. Once the parent folder has been copied, you can check the copy’s contents for your satisfaction.

Removing Google Drive Duplicate Files

Once you’re done copying folders in Google Drive, you may encounter duplicate files, photos and documents. This duplication becomes a mess if not dealt timely. Checking files manually and deleting duplicates of each file can take much of your time especially if you have big data placed on the cloud drive. Using Google Drive duplicate finder feature of Clone Files Checker can save your time though. This utility will check for duplicates without even downloading drive data to the PC.