enterpriseThe how-to of cloud implementations has gotten infinitely easier as cloud service brokers have begun to dominate the market. As many trends have shaped technology fluxes over time, this one is proving to be a game-changer for enterprises. There are many examples in the current climate. One that stands out is the partnership of Gravitant with Amazon Web Services, a well-established cloud entity. The former has created the cloudMatrix service, which is designed to simplify hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises.

This service is proving to be so inclusive that even government agencies have implemented it. Corporate IT leaders have numerous options, including human resources, procurement, financial, sales, and marketing, and other standard business functions and industry-specific options. Companies have sought to outsource various departmental functions over the past several years. When it comes to cloud computing, third-party cloud service brokerages have found their niche, and bring the best of service in a single package.

Cloud Service Brokerage Advantages:

  • More flexible options. The cloudMatrix platform is an example of a service offering pre-packaged options for organizations. Included is a platform for managing the cloud infrastructure and APIs aiding businesses in quickly developing their own applications. Enterprises have the choice of deploying the product on-site or as a fully hosted cloud service.
  • Streamlined service. In addition to saving time on researching and testing different services and options, businesses can rely on the brokerage to help find the best cloud computing, storage, and management tools. This also centralizes the provisioning of all of these, and users typically can sign-on once to access everything. Password and username safety and tracking is for the most part eliminated, saving time on retrieval, enforcement, and record-keeping.
  • A single platform for access to billing, administration, and systems management applications and more.
  • An easier choice. Your IT decision makers can quickly find a vendor that meets cost and service requirements.
  • Integrating the cloud services into established business processes is less complex, reducing the need for additional experts and consultants.

In the enterprise cloud computing industry, there have been several changes. Cloud companies such as Jamracker have built a model around enabling cloud service brokerages to provide services to their business customers. The company believes that, by 2015, this market segment will bring in $100 billion in revenue. Market volatility is further exemplified by the fact that many brokerages are seeing growth pick up quickly once they are established. Enterprise customers are contributing to the market as interest in security, messaging, and collaboration grows.

The emerging trend is further increasing the competition, between brokerages and with the options they may offer from different providers. Enterprise cloud computing services are becoming easier to find, implement, and use. The subscription models allowing companies to pay for what they use are still there, so the benefits add to already attractive conveniences. Expanding on the benefits of cloud computing, brokerages have successfully entered the fastest growing segment of the cloud market.