Most people when they think of cloud management and storage they think about public storage cloud services like Dropbox. However, this type of cloud solution can present some downsides to companies, especially bigger ones, particularly because of accessibility and security issues. Can a hybrid cloud solution be the answer to these issues?

In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the best hybrid cloud solutions for your business.

But first…

What is hybrid cloud computing and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Hybrid clouds, as the name might suggest, combine different on-premise private cloud with public cloud computing services.

Basically, cloud computing is normally either public or private; with hybrid clouds though, these 2 services, public and private, work together with the aim to build a better data management solution.

There are some concerns about public cloud computing services and they usually revolve around security issues – not that there aren’t plenty of risks with data stored in physical locations. However, with public clouds, so many people have access to all of this data, from wherever and whenever – which makes peoples’ reticence to try cloud computing completely understandable.

But, cloud computing also has a plethora of benefits – and that’s where hybrid clouds come in. There are several advantages to using it:

  • It’s highly scalable – hybrid cloud are built to scale up as the organization grows and changes; private servers? Not as much! Or at least, it can get quite pricey. Public clouds present immense storage capabilities where you can store your data, while private clouds can be used to store your most sensitive information. You can build a hybrid solution that allows you to store your applications where they run best so you can make the most out of your storage, even as your organization grows and scales up.
  • Hybrid clouds are more secure – hybrid clouds offer more security features for sensitive data because, as I mentioned earlier, you won’t be storing all of your business data in one place. There’s always been – and still is – a belief that cloud storage is ultimately less secure than on-premises storage; there are arguments on the both sides of the fence – but hybrid cloud storage solutions can offer the best of both worlds: accessibility, security, and scalability, among other benefits
  • It gives you the control – you can choose exactly what services you want, what applications and data to store and where – basically, you can decide what cloud management is best for your needs and build your ideal hybrid cloud solution to fit your needs. Plus, you can move applications to the cloud or on premises, back and forth, as you prefer
  • Better agility – using a hybrid cloud solution will help with and reduce the number of outages, as well as help your organization recover from downtimes and outages more quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, it also helps increase accessibility to your organizations’ data.
  • It’s cost efficient – in the long run, you are going to decrease your spending as you will be able to use public cloud storage for any applications that don’t need enhanced security; otherwise when you grow you need to keep buying servers and storage to keep your data on-premises, which can prove to be very costly.

As you can see, there are quite a few different benefits to implementing a hybrid cloud for your organization. So, how do you get started with something like this? Here are some of the best hybrid cloud computing solutions on the market:

Microsoft Cloud Platform

The best hybrid cloud solutions for your business

The Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to build a powerful hybrid cloud solution for your business, with over 50 Azure regions all over the world (several in the US, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world, including South America and Australia).

You can use this stack to reduce risk while building the right hybrid cloud solution for your needs:

  • Build a powerful hybrid solution by connecting your SaaS applications
  • Optimise your hybrid cloud infrastructure to fit your needs
  • Protect yourself against any cloud or on-premises outage or data loss with the Azure Back up and Disaster Recovery solution
  • Easily sign in once to any of your cloud apps with thousands of popular SaaS applications (like Dropbox, Office 365, and Salesforce)

Google Cloud Platform

The best hybrid cloud solutions for your business

Another powerful hybrid cloud solution comes, unsurprisingly, from Google. The giant company recently partnered up with Cisco to bring us a new open cloud hybrid architecture.

This new cloud solution aims to help organizations to improve their scalability options, as well as to improve the performance and security of their stored data:

  • You can enable and deploy your applications and services across on-premises storage solutions and the Google Cloud Platform
  • Easily monitor your network and application performance
  • Extend your security policy to monitor your applications’ behavior and improve overall enterprise security


The best hybrid cloud solutions for your business

NetApp offers a large selection of cloud computing solutions, from helping you integrate cloud solutions to protecting and securing your data.

One of the big advantages of NetApp is the protection you get:

  • Easily back up and safeguard all of your on-premises data to the cloud
  • Build a cloud hosting infrastructure with solutions for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and integrate with public and private cloud services
  • Make sure all of your data is easily recoverable if there’s an outage, and improve the overall speed recovery time
  • Secure all of your data on-premises and on cloud storage
  • Improve the performance visibility across your hybrid cloud
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Plus, NetApp has partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services), to build a better and more flexible collection of cloud storage solutions. What this means is you’ll get all the on-premises services on AWS, like AWS storage, backup, disaster recovery, and analytics, among others.

IBM Z Hybrid Cloud

The best hybrid cloud solutions for your business

Unsurprisingly, IBM offer one of the top hybrid cloud solutions on the market. The IBM Z Hybrid Cloud allows you to:

  • Build a powerful and complex hybrid cloud with a service management suite that allows you to take an integrated approach and IBM Open Data Analytics for simplified data analysis
  • Use common language and open technologies to build/access all of your cloud services
  • Get powerful enterprise security to protect yourself against outages as well as cyber threats (from infrastructure to endpoint) with the IBM z14 which offers 100% encryption of all your data and apps
  • Access to real time analytics, useful insights, and machine learning


Move over cloud storage – it’s all about hybrid now. More and more organizations are looking to implement this solution, and with good reason. As I mentioned earlier on, hybrid clouds offer quite a few benefits to companies and organizations, as they are great for scaling, they offer improved security and data recovery features to help you make sure you’re not affected by outages and cyber attacks, they’re more flexible and easily customizable to your particular needs, and they give you full control of your data and applications.

Do you use cloud computing for your company? And if so, what cloud storage solutions are you using for your organization?