Cloud based business intelligence is a game changer in the digital business. All types of businesses, from small to large enterprises are equally adapting to the emergence of cloud based tools to enhance business intelligence. Small to medium business enterprises are now embracing cloud based applications to make their marketing strategies highly competitive. Large firms, on the other hand, are using cloud business intelligence solutions in further expanding their market and using it for experimentation in furtherance of building a more productive market environment.

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Cloud business intelligence (BI) delivers productivity tools and applications that are highly beneficial to businesses. Among these benefits include the speed of deployment and implementation of various business apps, scaling up of web applications and the integration of business intelligence apps to enhance business productivity and cost effectiveness. If you are not yet embracing cloud business intelligence solutions, it is about time that you should try to make your business more adaptive to this driver of change in the digital marketing industry.

There are many cloud business intelligence solutions available in the market today and choosing the best one for your business may be a painstaking task for you. Here is our review of the best cloud business intelligence solutions that you can find in the market today to help you choose the one that most fit your business solution needs.


SAS offers cloud BI solutions that will give relief to your IT department in conducting a more thorough analytics of your data. Its visual analytics feature provides network diagram reports, decision trees and business intelligence analysis in real time with the least effort of coding done by your IT staff. The tool exerts better efficiency with sophisticated results. A plus is its visualization software that makes data interpretation easier.

This cloud BI solution provides collaboration tools with innovative applications to various industries like education, banking, automotive, manufacturing, and communications. SAS can detect data anomalies and predict future business outcomes. Most of the users of SAS rely on its ability to provide insightful analytic reports that help them make informed and educated business decisions. You can use SAS for data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis, and business forecasting.


IBM is more than just a consulting company. It also has cloud based solutions for growing business intelligence. It offers predictive analytic solutions for businesses. It has products called Cognos and SPSS deployed in their Education Cloud infrastructure. Its apps are also used in various industries and enterprise levels. The majority of the users of IBM cloud BI solutions is able to enjoy a more cost effective solution for managing data to increase return on investment.

The data collection is highly scalable and user friendly. It provides dynamic queries and broad data collected that can be accessed in the cloud using Smartphones, tablets and computers. The IBM’s Cognos system has more than 23,000 subscribers and many ascribe productivity in using the app that reduces the analysis time on their data by about 50% with a markup of 20% on their return on investment.

Good Data

This business intelligence solution provides a cloud based platform for analytics. Most of its users benefit from using its analytic tools in monetizing their business data. The app is useful for any company or industry, offering a highly scalable platform on the cloud that is reliable and secure in collecting and analyzing large data. Businesses derive the benefit of obtaining business insights, sales performance, marketing strategies and predict customer behavior.

The platform can easily share and collaborate other data from sources like SaaS and both structured and unstructured data. Its powerful feature comes from the data analytics tools using the Extensible Analytics Engine and Multidimensional Analytics Query Language (MAQL). The combined feature of these systems offers the users more advanced metrics and data analytic performance. Among its best features include the customizable data, user friendly console and is cross platform compatible. Team collaboration on the cloud is enhanced with its sophisticated cloud BI apps.


This cloud business intelligence solution was awarded with the highest rate as a top rated cloud BI vendor in 2012. Birst offers business analytics tool, with self service report, data visualization system and interactive tools like table and other graphic presentation of data. It has an interactive dashboard with ad hoc analysis features. The program helps businesses make an informed decision, collaborate data and even share sticky notes to your team who can access the data in the cloud using mobile phones, computers or tablets. Among the best features of Birst is its ability to integrate data coming from various systems, deploy business analytics and even automate management tasks.


Bime provides a solution that simplifies business intelligence usage using cloud computing and data visualization. Most businesses can use its simplified applications for accessing and analyzing data. It creates innovative user friendly products for data analytics that allow the users to take control, manage, and share data. The cloud BI tool of Bime provides you the ability to access multiple data sources and use them in your customizable dashboard.

You can work on your data either in real time or remotely and its scalable solution provides you the ability to design your own data elements. You can also create your own functions in analyzing data and create its visual presentation using its advanced tool for managing data elements.

Zephyr Health

This is a data management software and health data management application that allows the user to exercise more insightful decision making process using the data that is ordinarily difficult to extract. This BI solution is highly popular in the health sectors and are widely used by medical practitioners and researchers in the health industry. Its cloud based platform allows the collaborative sharing of data by its users using their acquired information from various sources like other vendors and different customers. You can focus the acquisition of data, whether structured or unstructured.

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