We could talk all day about the many, many benefits of cloud-based POS systems.

But rather than overwhelming you with details, let’s instead focus on some of the biggest benefits that such a system can bring to your retail or multi-channel business.

These are the sort of things that’ll make such a huge difference that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without a system to help manage your inventory and invoicing through the cloud.

So let’s explore what a cloud POS system can bring to your retail store:


Many businesses can struggle with unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventory. Staff end-up spending more time trying to track down these mistakes than helping customers and closing new sales, which hinders the growth of business and profits. Traditional cash registers rely too much on human input so at busy times, mistakes are inevitable. Take the guesswork out of making sales, allowing your company to achieve a level of accuracy that is otherwise unattainable.


Ever had to encounter slow checkout lines? Customers do not enjoy having to wait in a queue whilst the cashier types in each and every product the person ahead of them is buying. With a good POS system, cashiers can ring up customers quickly. Also having access to product information much more swiftly, which makes it possible to help customers efficiently.

Reporting that actually means something

You can create and evaluate so many reports about your business until it sends you cross-eyed! What it comes down to is considering a few vital points. How much stock you have and how much its worth, who your customers are and how many are returning and what is happening right this second in each of your stores. With a POS system that is cloud based, all of this data is available in the palm of your hand, literally! By using your smartphone, you can access anything you want to know about your business right at that very moment. Did you sell that product in the window, are your staff up-selling like you told them to?

With all this data, Accounting can be a breeze. Ensuring that your accounts are always accurate and up-to-date. You can monitor everything in real time, generating invoices and processing your VAT returns in a matter of seconds. Rather than becoming an intimidating mess of files, figures, and paperwork, your accounts will always be completely in order and immediately accessible.

You’ll Have More Time to Do the Things You Love Doing

Order processing and accounting are the two biggest time-sinks in the world of selling. When these processes are streamlined and automated, you’ll find yourself with a lot more time on your hands.

So what are you going to do with all the time and resources you’ve suddenly got at your disposal?

You can work on developing new products, or on improving your current products. You can even spend time building or developing your online presence, telling your brand story while kindling positive long-term relationships with your customers. You can attend events, teach classes, or learn new skills that’ll make you even better at doing what you do.

In any case, if you invest in a cloud-based POS system, all of those things you want to do to grow your business that you don’t think you have time for will suddenly become possible.

For a free demo on how a cloud-based POS system works, check this page.