virtual meetingThe onset of technology also paved way to virtual work, off shoring or telecommuting and along with it is virtual meetings and conferences. But even though virtual meetings take an important role in the modern approach on conducting businesses, it took a big chunk out of your budget and the system was complex, but good thing, that scenario was seen many years before. The technological innovation and its continual development, nowadays, paved way to the introduction of more accessible and affordable tools or software for virtual meetings in addition to modern business telephone systems.

Virtual meetings and conferences offer advantages and yet it offers some downside too.  It is true that software for virtual meetings is not only a platform for meetings since it also showcase other features like forums, text, audio and video conferences. It is up to the business owner on how to balance out both the advantages and disadvantages for virtual meeting services to bring benefits to the company. The advantages that might convince you are the following:

  • You can save money from virtual meetings than traditional meetings, which could cost more. More so, meeting online is convenient for members who live in a far location yet still enables them to communicate with the rest of the team members.
  • Members can easily share presentation and files online. The files can be edited or revised by other members of the team, too making collaboration much easier.
  • It keeps organization and sharing of files and presentations easy and convenient.
  • You can go through the online meeting right in the comfort of your own home without the worry of what to wear. You can even be in your pajamas.
  • Virtual meetings let you do your share of lessening your carbon footprints since less energy, less gasoline and paper are needed to facilitate the meeting.

Meanwhile, the common disadvantages are the following:

  • Some people may need more time to learn how the latest technology works and this could be a drawback if you don’t know how software works and the system requirements needed for it to run and function.
  • Managers and decision makers also use the non-verbal signs when making decisions and virtual meetings will not in any way provide this.
  • Short attention span of some members of the team during virtual meetings and that some may resort to other non-productive online activities.
  •  Information could fall in the wrong hands if your password and other security information are not properly secured.

How to Select the Best Virtual Meeting Tool?

It can be a little tricky when choosing the right tool for virtual meetings and conferences. But to make it easy, you just need to allot some time to carefully read the reviews, feedback and specifications of the said tool.  Do not merely depend on the official of the provider since this alone cannot give an objective overview of what the company can offer. Some websites are intended to provide bias information about a certain provider of a meeting tool. It will also be best if you can avail of the trial offerings since it will be your opportunity to test the capabilities, features and service of the company. Some even offer money back guarantee to assure clients that the services ad features they offer are of topnotch quality. Have second thoughts if the provider you have in mind refuses to offer money back guarantee.