Did you know that there are more mobile-connected devices than people in the world? And, where do you think all that traffic is being offloaded to?

If you said Wifi, then you would be correct.

In this day in age it’s hard to imagine our lives without Wifi. Just try to use your smartphone or tablet without being connected Wifi. Either device almost becomes nothing more than a paperweight. The same can be said about businesses as well.

Thanks to Wifi businesses have become more alert, efficient, and smarter all-around through the following five ways.

  1. Less Cables and Wires

Not that long ago business owners spent an insane amount of time and money on physically hooking up all of their devices. OK. That’s definitely some hyperbole, but if you ever spent any time underneath a desk fiddling with cables and/or wires then you know how stressful that “simple” task could be. And, let’s not even get into the times that the cable between your desktop and printer was ½ an inch short.

Thanks to Wifi, we have been living in a world where we don’t have to hook-up essential business devices like printers or routers. This means spending less time and money on cables. Plus, you don’t have to worry about additional clutter around your workspace since you can place your printer anywhere in the office that you like – as long as there’s a signal, of course.

Other benefits of having less cables around means preventing the chance of someone tripping over a cable and having the flexibility to print from devices like a iPhone or iPad.

  1. Affordable Communication

Wifi has also improved communication between businesses and their employees or customers through VoIP phone systems. For example, you can use Google Hangouts to talk to clients or employees on your mobile device while waiting to catch a flight. Services like Ooma and Grasshopper allow business owners to get their own local or toll-free number along with features ranging from virtual receptionists, voicemail, extension dialing, and on-hold music at a reasonable price – Ooma is only $19.98/month.

Because you’re relying on Wifi signals, you can set-up your business phone system quickly  (probably under a half-an-hour) since you don’t have to run anyway wires. And, if you do have to add another phone or fax line, you just connect them to the phone system. It just doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

  1. Business Mobility

It hasn’t been uncommon for businesses to equip employees with smartphones, tablets, or laptops so that they can stay connected with each other. Wifi, however, has taken that a step further. It’s easier than ever to have remote employees in any part of the world and communicate with them face-to-face or in real-time. Additionally, you can collaborate, exchange ideas, and share information with each other through tools like Google Apps, Trello, or Evernote so that all team members are on the the same page.

In other words, your business is no longer stuck in one location. You have the flexibility to take your office with you. Whether that’s staying at home for the day, while in an airport, or during a relocation transition, you’ll always be connected to employees and customers.

  1. Builds Stronger Relationships With Customers

It’s no secret that building relationships with customers is absolutely essential. Over the years mobile technology has given business owners the power to communicate and engage customers through email and social media channels like Twitter no matter where they are. You can also listen to what is being said about your brand on Social Mention or gain priceless insights via GetFeedback, which is an online survey that was designed for people on-the-go.

There’s also the ingenious behind SocialSign.in.

SocialSign.in allows you to provide free Wifi acess to your customers. The catch? They sign-in with either their Facebook account or email address. Your business can now engage that customer, learn more about them (demographic, hobbies), build a rapport, and generate leads all thanks to Wifi.

  1. More Productive Work Environment

The Internet of Things has helped our home lives run a lot smoother by being able to monitor security from a distance, suggest items for grocery lists, and manage the temperature of the house when we’re not home. And, the Internet of Things is doing the same for business owners.

You can use Google Cloud Print to print from anywhere on any device. Twine uses Wifi to monitor your office’s environment, such as monitoring temperature and checking for potential leaks or opened doors. Belkin Instant Switch monitors electricity usage; Nest monitors and adjusts temperature settings; and the Kwikset Deadbolt uses your smartphone as a key. Wifi is making even those trivial tasks, like watering the plants or making a fresh cup of coffee, a thing of the past.

When you have a workspace environment that has the right temperature, lighting, and filled with items like plants, you can increase productivity – and save money and be green at the same time. Gadgets that run on Wifi can help your business achieve that goal.
How has Wifi helped make your business nimble and smarter?