Cloud computing is becoming a successful option for a growing number of organisations, effectively freeing resources and promoting flexible collaboration.

If you are considering the switch to cloud computing but are put off by concerns over security, there may be a way for you to gain assurance.

Below we have created a list of the main issues posed by cloud computing, along with some suggestions of simple solutions.

Where is Your Data?

The thought of your data being stored in a different location to your base of operations is one of the biggest concerns for many potential clients. What happens when your contract ends, or the provider goes into administration? The way around this is to get to know your provider and the data centres they use. This way you can be sure of the exact locations where your data will be stored, and what protocols are in place for worst-case scenarios.

Create a Backup

Even when you gain reassurance from a provider, you may still hear a worried voice in the back of your head. It is hard to give up control over information normally safeguarded by your business to a third party. You can put this voice at ease by keeping a backup of your data. By keeping a back up, you can guarantee that you always have a copy of the information vital to your business.

Data Centre Security

If you are interested in the services a cloud computing company offers, find out what data centre they use. You can do your own research to find out the level of security the building has, what fire protection and suppression systems are in place, what connectivity options they have and what disaster recovery plans they have in place.

What Do Other People Say?

Like with many other services, the best way to find out what a company is like is from people who have used them. Find out what companies the provider has done business with, and see if there are references available. If the clients are reputable this will reflect well, but don’t hesitate to contact the references directly. It is always good to know if you share the same security concerns and whether or not they have been met.

See for Yourself

You may have seen the hacking competitions created by governments in the news in order to test the vulnerability of their systems. It is a good idea once you have signed up with a provider, to try and access your data as an unauthorised user. This will give you a good idea of the protection your data has.

It is completely understandable to have anxieties over the security of your data. The best way to get peace of mind is to get all of the facts. We hope that these suggestions help you make an informed decision.