Email Archiving

As businesses conduct more and more of their communication online the need for an archive to store all that information is becoming increasingly important. Both internal and external communication for businesses has become dependent on email, information that was originally spoken in person, handwritten or discussed over the phone is being sent by email. Here are five crucial reasons you should already have implemented an email archive.

#1 To Comply With the Law

There are 10,000 email compliance regulations across the world. Keeping up to date with the changing face of the law and remaining compliant can be a difficult process. Having an email archive that constantly updates and is easy to navigate is a key step in complying with the law. By always being compliant with the law you can avoid the huge penalties that are associated with non-compliance.

#2 Protect the Company from Legal Liability

There is no time limit defining the minimum number of storage days for email archives. Think about how you would access your emails from 1999, can you reach them or are they no longer on your records? In Australia the law stipulates that Company Directors are personally liable for their companies legal liability. If you don’t have an email archiving system in place you should create one immediately, otherwise, you will remain implicated in any legal dispute. A secure email archive should also be able to protect your archive from “spoliation”, which is the legal term for improper destruction of evidence.  By having an effective and secure email archive you protect yourself and your business from legal negligence.

#3 Better Storage Management

Email ArchiveAn email archive also offers you functional benefits sucah as on-demand access to all emails sent and received by the company. You no longer need to conduct a difficult search to find any relevant materials. With a well organised archive everything can be quickly found. This means there is no longer any need for a local PST Archive. Better storage also means you can reduce your footprint by excising any unnecessary folders and files. You can also do away with any nagging notices about your inbox being full and the constant need to delete emails to make space, an action that can have severe legal implications.

#4 Better Knowledge Management

75% of a company’s Intellectual Property is contained in email. That is a serious amount of your company’s invaluable assets. It is important to have this not only securely stored but also easily accessible. A system that provides you quick access to your key resources is an invaluable asset for any business.

#5 Lower IT Costs

A further benefit of email archiving is the lower IT costs it offers your business. With an effective email archive you can free up IT resources while driving down costs. These benefits are even greater when you consider a cloud archiving system, as you can change the cost from capital to operating. You pay only for the space you use and can easily acquire more space. You will also have a team constantly working on your dedicated cloud archiving system, getting a better service for less money.

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