KSI is a popular YouTube content creator, comedian, rapper, as well as a professional boxer. He is among the richest YouTubers and co-founder of the energy drink company Prime Hydration. KSI’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $150 million, thanks to his earnings from YouTube and ownership stake in Prime.

Let’s dive into his career, net worth, and life story to see what insights we can learn from the popular celebrity.

KSI’s Net Worth Breakdown:

Since KSI’s business empire is held privately and not through a publicly traded company, no one knows his exact net worth. However, we were able to collect plenty of public information about his various sources of income, investments, assets, and business ventures to estimate KSI’s net worth at well over $150 million as of 2024 with a possibility of him being a billionaire also not ruled out.

Asset or Income Source Contribution to Net Worth
Ownership stake in Prime Hydration Unknown but may be up to $1 billion
Stakes in other businesses ~$10 million
Annual YouTube income ~$5 million
Real estate $20 million
Car collection $1 million
Income from boxing events ~$5 million
Total Net Worth ~$150 million

KSI Net Worth: The Early Life of a Hydration Titan

KSI was born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji on 19 June 1993 in London but was raised in Watford, Hertfordshire. His parents are from the Yoruba ethnic group and while his father Olajide Olatunji Sr., was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, his mother, Yinka Olatunji is from Islington, London.

He has a younger brother, Deji Olatunji who is also a YouTuber and professional boxer like him.

KSI and his brother Desi as kids

KSI received his education at Berkhamsted School in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, where he also eventually happened to meet Simon Minter with whom he later collaborated. They have been good friends since and KSI has helped Minter (also known as Miniminter) become successful.

KSI Net Worth: Building a YouTube Career Like No Other

While a majority of KSI’s net worth comes from his Prime Hydration business, he wouldn’t have been able to attain such success without his breakthrough YouTube career. KSI launched his first YouTube channel in 2008 which was only two years after Google bought the company for $1.65 billion.

KSI opened his first account in 2009 under the username “JideJunior” and posted videos of him playing FIFA. He quickly became a popular channel as his subscriber numbers grew gradually.

KSI continued his YouTube career by posting comedy videos skits and gaming content especially related to FIFA. He currently has three YouTube channels KSI, JJ Olatunji (formerly KSIOlajidebtHD), and KSIClips which have 24.1 million, 16.3 million, and 2.1 million subscribers respectively. Apart from his usual earnings from YouTube, KSI makes an estimated $250,000 per sponsored video.

His YouTube videos have a wide reach and have amassed over 10 billion views across different channels. KSI posts videos related to gaming tutorials, comedic skits, vlogs as well as joint productions in collaboration with fellow YouTubers. His debut track “Lamborghini” is his most-viewed YouTube video, with over 126 million views at the last count.

Apart from these three solo channels, KSI is also part of three more YouTube channels namely Sidemen, MoreSidemen, and SidemenReacts which also have millions of subscribers. “The Sidemen” is a British YouTube group that includes KSI along with TBJZL, Miniminter, Behzinga, Zerkaa, Vikkstar123, and W2S.

While KSI hasn’t revealed the exact income he makes from his YouTube channels, he is estimated to be making upwards of $5 million annually from the gig. He capitalized on the popularity that he gained from his YouTube career to venture into other businesses and the popularity helped him land lucrative endorsement deals, like the one with Adidas.

KSI Net Worth: Becoming a Centimillionaire With Drinks

In January 2022, KSI made the best business decision he has ever made to co-found Prime Hydration with YouTube star Logan Paul. The brand would turn into one of the most impressive examples of harnessing internet fame for profit. KSI and Paul used to be bitter enemies in the late 2010s (and even boxed each other) but came together for Prime Hydration and the ploy worked looking at the frenzy for the drink.

The spat-turned-friendship was a great narrative to help inflate the Prime brand and built a tremendous amount of hype within both fanbases.

KSI and Paul had over 40 million YouTube subscribers combined when they announced the launch of Prime in a live Instagram feed.

‘We created PRIME to showcase what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners to fill the void where great taste meets function,” says the Prime Hydration website. The drink is the official hydration partner of Arsenal Football Club. In addition, it has also partnered with UFC, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and LA Dodgers.

patrick mahomes and other athletes promoting Prime drinks

The sports drink was masterfully marketed through both creators’ channels as well as traditional marketing avenues like commercials. It was marketed as better than its competitors with more electrolytes and it was an instant hit. There was so much hype around the drink that it was incredibly difficult to find in many regions.

In turn, news stories and reports about how demand was dominating the drink’s supply turned out to work as a powerful scarcity marketing tactic, driving even more sales.

According to the company’s website, both Prime Hydration and Prime Energy drinks don’t contain sugar but they have artificial sweeteners. Among other ingredients, Prime Hydration contains coconut water, Antioxidants, vitamins A and E, B vitamins, amino acids, and artificial sweeteners (sucralose and acesulfame potassium).

Prime website

Prime Energy (separate from Prime Hydration) also contains inositol and sucralose as artificial sweeteners. The drink has caffeine and Glucuronolactone as well, both of which are commonly used in energy drinks.

Neither drink is especially unique compared to existing brands, showing just how powerful influencer marketing can be. Instead of partnering with affiliates to capture a cut of sales, KSI and Paul decided to cut out the middle man and it has been inordinately profitable for both of them.

Meanwhile, the business venture has its share of controversies, and several schools have banned Prime Energy due to its high caffeine content. While the company categorically states that “PRIME Energy is not recommended for children under the age of 18, women who are pregnant or nursing, or individuals who are sensitive to caffeine,” several teenagers manage to grab the drink albeit by paying a higher price.

According to CB Insights, KSI and Logan Paul could be potentially billionaires based on their estimates of Prime’s valuation. It has assumed various scenarios and valued the company between $3.1 billion and $8.4 billion and puts the average at $5.5 billion which it says is “conservative.” It points to Prime’s massive sponsorship deals as its main evidence.

UFC prime ad

“Prime’s ability to lock down major sponsorship deals with the likes of Arsenal, the UFC, FC Barcelona, and BASE Sports Group, among others, and its rapid growth makes it very possible that it trades at the high end of those valuation scenarios,” said CB Insights. It’s impossible to know whether the firm’s estimates are remotely accurate, however, as Prime Hydration is a private company therefore it doesn’t have to release its financial statements.

Whether KSI is a billionaire or not would eventually depend on how much stake he has in Prime Hydration. Some media reports suggest that Paul owns a 20% stake in Prime Hydration – and if KSI also owns a similar stake, KSI’s net worth would be more than $1 billion.

Who Actually Makes Prime Hydration?

While Prime’s website lists KSI and Logan Paul as the owners, the drink is actually manufactured by a little-known company called Congo Brands which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and owned by Trey Steiger and Max Clemons. This is a common strategy for influencers as they generally have no idea how to make a good product so they contract someone to make it for them.

prime promotional images

KSI’s Other Business Ventures

Apart from Prime Hydration, KSI is associated with a handful of other business ventures and is the co-owner of alcohol brand XIX Vodka, Sides Restaurants, and Sidemen Clothing, all of which are owned by “The Sidemen” group.

Sidemen Clothing is likely one of his most profitable ventures as YouTube merchandise can be extremely lucrative, especially for creators as popular as KSI. It sells all kinds of merch from hats to hoodies and t-shirts.

sidemen merch website

KSI is also the CEO of Misfits Boxing which is a boxing promotion founded by brothers Kalle and Nisse Sauerland of Wasserman Boxing, along with KSI and Mams Taylor. However, earlier this month, the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) suspended its license “in the interest of boxer safety” for “bringing boxing into disrepute.”

In its official response, Misfits Boxing said, “Misfits Boxing will be working with a new commission however wishes the PBA well for the future.” The PBA however said, “This is not what was agreed with your announcement.”

KSI’s business ventures don’t end there either. He published multiple books including “KSI: I am a Bellend,” and “I Am a Tool: How to Be a YouTube Kingpin and Dominate the Internet.” He also acted in Laid in America and “KSI: In Real Life”, and “KSI: Can’t Lose” which are documentaries about parts of his life.

KSI joined ranks with Endemol Shine Group and published a video game entitled “KSI Unleashed” in 2016 which was a free application. With his app, KSI took a swipe at fellow YouTuber PewDiePie who offered a paid app “PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.” Meanwhile, both Google and Apple later took down KSI’s app.

KSI Music Career

KSI has a flourishing career in the music industry as a rapper and has featured in music commercially since 2015 and released his debut extended play (EP) “Keep Up” that year which was a commercial success and reached the top 20 on the UK Albums Chart.

In 2020, KSI released “Really Love” with Craig David and Digital Farm Animal. In 2021, his release “All Over the Place” sold 34,000 units in its first week, including 20.9 million streams. It reached No. 1 on Great Britain’s Official Albums Chart which was a major milestone for KSI.

In May 2020, KSI’s debut studio album, “Dissimulation” was released. It debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart. KSI launched his own record label “The Online Takeover (TOT)” in 2021 and has received features from multiple other rappers including Trippie Redd, Bugzy Malone, Tion Wayne, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Lil Baby.

KSI's Dissimulation album cover

KSI Boxing Career

KSI started his boxing career in 2018 with a knockout of Joe Weller, a fellow YouTuber. The match was a result of public disagreements between the two in the previous year. KSI won the fight in only 1 minute and 37 seconds into the third round.

KSI Logan Paul weigh in

While he mocked Weller over his mental health issues before the match, they reconciled after the fight ended, and not only did KSI praise Weller for raising awareness towards mental health but also admitted that he was a lot tougher than he thought. KSI called out Logan Paul (long before they started Prime) by name after the match saying, “If any YouTuber wants it they can come and get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls I don’t care. Bring it.”

KSI’s biggest fight to date came soon after when Logan Paul accepted his challenge. They held the fight later in 2018 in Manchester, England, and streamed it on YouTube’s pay-per-view platform. The fight was a massive draw, especially because Logan Paul was an extremely unpopular figure for a lot of internet dwellers who wanted to see him lose a fight.

The match ended in a draw, making both KSI and Paul winners because of the massive 1.3 million PPV buys that the stream raked in. It was the largest amateur boxing match ever at the time by a large margin, only to be outdone by the rematch.

They had their second fight in Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in 2019 which KSI won in a split decision by by 55-56, 57-54, 56-55. The event almost doubled the viewer record that the first fight broke with 20,000 fans in attendance and another 2.5 million viewers logging in live. The videos of their fights have since garnered over 20 million views, adding thousands of dollars of YouTube ad revenue to their pockets.

There was a lot of mostly fake bitterness between the two ahead of the fights intended to help promote the fight. “I don’t like talking trash, it was all for show, it was all to sell the fight. I have nothing but respect,” said Logan after the match. Both KSI and Logan raked in a ton of money from their fights as they cashed in on the craze for their fight amid the purported bitterness.

Meanwhile, in July 2021, Logan Paul invited KSI to his “IMPAULSIVE” podcast where they appeared friendly and Paul shared a photo of him with KSI saying “Look how far we’ve come @KSI.” They also collaborated on a Sidemen video on YouTube and soon teased a new venture, which happened to be Prime Hydration.

KSI’s overall boxing record is surprisingly good and has won four out of six professional matches while one was a no-contest. He lost his first match to Tommy Fury in October 2023. Boxing events have helped add to KSI’s net worth and he made $900,000 for his match against Logan Paul and an estimated $3 million in his fight against FaZe Temperrr.

KSI Awards and Accolades

KSI was named the UK’s most influential YouTube creator in 2015 and won the NME Award for Vlogger of the Year for 2016. In 2017, KSI earned the Teen Choice Award nomination for Best British Vlogger which is awarded by BBC Radio 1.

He also won the Amazon Music UK award in 2020 for his single “Lighter.” Variety said that KSI was the top influencer amongst US Teens in 2014, ahead of John Depp and Taylor Swift.

In 2023, KSI was second on Forbes’ list of the top 50 creators behind Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson). Logan Paul, KSI’s business partner, took the 6th spot. According to Forbes, KSI made an estimated $24 million in 2022 and had a total of 112 million followers and a 6.5% engagement rate.

KSI Stock and Cryptocurrency Investments

While we don’t know much about KSI’s investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies, we do know that he’s an avid investor. He went viral after he admitted that he lost almost $3 million in his Luna investment in 2022 as the cryptocurrency’s price collapsed and he candidly admitted that he “failed at crypto.”

On his YouTube channel, KSI said that while Bored Ape NFTs doubled in value after he exited, he still made a profit. He however cautioned against leveraged trading. In the video which was posted last year, the popular English YouTube personality said that since he began trading he lost a whopping $5.1 million and shared a screenshot of his profit and loss statement as proof. In a lighter tone, he admitted that his crypto experience has been marked by only a few wins but a lot more losing.


Meanwhile, even as KSI might have burnt his fingers in cryptos, digital assets including bitcoin soared in 2023.

KSI Net Worth: Real Estate Investments & Car Collection

While we don’t have an authentic estimate of KSI’s real estate investments, we do have some information about his real estate investment company dubbed Kilimanjaro Your Mum Ltd. (yes that’s its real name). It owns just under $13 million in properties, all in the UK, according to a 2022 report from The Sunday People. Last year, he gave fans a glimpse of his new three-story house in London which is worth around $13 million on its own.

KSI is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and owns many luxury cars whose combined value is over $1 million. These include the Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls-Royce Wraith. In addition, his car collection includes Porsches and Mercedes.

KSI Charities and Social Work

KSI doesn’t just spend money on himself. He also works with different social organizations and is known to donate generously to social causes. Along with other Sidemen members, he hosted several charity matches to raise money for charities. He has been associated with gaming charity SpecialEffect which aims to “put fun and inclusion back into the lives of physically disabled people by helping them to play video games.”

What Can We Learn From KSI’s Life

There are many life lessons to be drawn from almost all celebrities and successful people and KSI is no exception.

KSI is a strong role model for aspiring YouTubers and anyone who wants to pursue an unconventional career as he went against his parent’s wishes to build a career as a YouTube content creator. He spotted the opportunity quite early as the platform was not as popular in those days and it was a huge risk to choose it as a carrier option but eventually, KSI made it big and is now among the most famous (and rich) YouTubers.

KSI is also quite open about his shortcomings and said, “I’m human – I’m not perfect. I’m still learning. In this world, things are always changing so fast it’s sometimes quite hard to keep up with what is right or wrong. But I try to be myself.”

Finally, KSI and Paul’s idea to build their own business to focus all of their influencer marketing juice on was nothing short of brilliant. Creators and influencers of all kinds and sizes are already starting to follow suit as they sour on poor affiliate revenue deals and meager options for affiliate partners.