At 90 years old, Giorgio Armani is the king of Italian couture and fashion, holding the title of the richest fashion designer in the world. In 2024, Giorgio Armani’s net worth exceeds $9 billion – and it’s still rising.

Armani’s fortune and fame surpass that of many fashion designers and put him in the lead right in front of major names like Ralph Lauren, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, and Miuccia Prada.

The renowned fashion designer first gained his fame working for Cerruti. He spent years tailoring his skills before he formed his famous namesake company, expanding in many industries and accumulating billions throughout his career.

Keep reading to learn more about his journey.

Giorgio Armani’s Net Worth Breakdown:

Since founding his business, the Armani brand has expanded into many industries, making the founder the richest designer in the world with an estimated net worth of over $9 billion.

Armani is a very private person, which makes it hard to pin down all of his investments, especially the ones outside his business. Over the years, he has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in salary as the leader of the business, not to mention dividends from his full stake in the privately owned business.

Seeing how the fashion house is now valued at $5 to $7 billion, this alone would make Armani a very rich man. Having gathered tons of relevant data about his earnings and investments, we were able to come up with a detailed breakdown that includes the main assets in his net worth:

Asset or Income Source Contribution to Net Worth
Giorgio Armani Corp. stake $7 billion
Superyacht $65 million
Real estate $30 million
Total Net Worth $9 billion

Giorgio Armani Net Worth: Early Life and Education

Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934, in Piacenza, Italy, to father Ugo Armani, an accountant for a transportation firm, and mother Maria Raimondi. He was raised with two siblings, an older brother Sergio, and a younger sister Rosanna, in a middle-class family that struggled financially during World War II.

giorgio armani childhood

Coming from humble beginnings, Armani showed his early interest in anatomy by making dolls out of mud, and hiding coffee beans inside them, he once told the Guardian.

Young Armani studied at the Liceo Scientifico Leonardo da Vinci secondary school in Milan, aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Following his graduation, he enrolled to study Medicine at Piacenza University but dropped out of school three years later to join the army.

Since he had attended medical school before enlisting, the army assigned him to the Military Hospital in Verona to do his military service. Here, he attended shows at the Arena, building a new passion in life – fashion.

Unlike other wealthy people who live a lavish and very public life, Armani is a very private man. He had a longstanding relationship with his business partner Sergio Galeotti, a fashion designer who died of a heart attack in 1985, but the nature of the relationship has never been publicly disclosed.

Giorgio Armani Net Worth: How a Window Dresser Became the Richest Person in Fashion

After the successful completion of his military service, Armani decided not to continue his university education and instead went to work as a window dresser for a famous Milan department store. Having found a fresh passion in life, he embarked on this new journey, not knowing that one day, it would lead him to become one of the richest fashion designers in the world.

Early Career

Giorgio Armani’s first job was reportedly as a window dresser at La Rinascente, a department store in Milan. At the store, he was soon promoted to seller for the menswear department and spent some time showing the garments of the Finnish company Marimekko, a brand that would go on to be a fashion giant.

Soon enough, he landed a job at the fashion house Nino Cerruti where he worked as a designer. Thanks to the encouragement of his friend Sergio Galeotti, he started freelancing and offering his designs to other companies in addition to Nino Cerruti, a feat that would eventually lead to him opening a design office in Milan.

Through his Milan office, located at 37 Corso Venezia, the young designer spent years showing his creative side by designing pieces for fashion houses like Bagutta, Allegri, Hilton, Sicons, Tendresse, Montedoro, and more.

Giorgio Armani started building his recognition slowly. The first time he gained international press was during the runway show at the Sala Bianca, which took place in the Pitti Palace in Florence. This newfound fame pushed Armani and Galeotti to become official business partners and start their business, the Giorgio Armani SpA.

giorgio armani early career

The Founding of Giorgio Armani SpA

Giorgio Armani SpA was founded on July 24 1975 in Milan as a joint venture between Armani and his friend Galeotti. In October of that year, the partners presented the brand’s first collection of men’s ready-to-wear for spring and summer. In the same season, they also added a women’s line to expand their portfolio.

giorgio armani early collection

Armani’s style was incredibly unique at the time. His items had a more subtle color palette and offered a more natural fit, helping him establish a fierce stand in the fashion industry in months.

In 1978, Armani signed an agreement with Gruppo Finanzario Tessile, or GFT, making it possible to produce luxury clothing under the supervision of the company’s designer. A year later, he had already founded the Giorgio Armani Corporation, producing men’s and women’s clothing for the United States.

The Rise of Armani’s Empire

The lines were a major success, making Armani one of the leading names in fashion on an international level. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company signed a contract with the cosmetics giant L’Oréal to expand its portfolio to perfumes and cosmetics, called Armani Beauty. Following this major milestone, Armani went on to introduce new product categories including Armani Junior, Armani Jeans, and Emporio Armani lines.

giorgio armani aftershave

In 1982, the business once again expanded its portfolio to include new categories for underwear, swimwear, and accessories. They subsequently opened a new Milan flagship store to sell the Emporio line and opened the very first Armani boutique that same year.

The following year, the company modified its agreement with GFT and started producing the Mani line for the US and the Borgonuovo 21 high-end line, named after the company’s headquarters.

At this point, Armani made a splash in the United States thanks to his innovative marketing strategy. He used street advertisements, television spots, house magazines, and other methods to get the word out about his business. Not long after, top Hollywood stars like John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer started wearing Armani’s creations on the red carpet.

Armani in Cinemas

Not only were his creations worn at events, but they also started appearing in the cinema. For starters, Armani produced the clothing for Richard Gere in American Gigolo, where the actor played the role of Julian Kaye. To date, his brand has designed costumes for over 100 films, including The Untouchables in 1987.

giorgio armani richard gere

The Death of Armani’s Partner

In 1985, tragedy struck. Armani’s partner, Galeotti, died of a heart attack in Milan, leaving people to speculate that Armani would leave the business. Armani said following his partner’s untimely death:

Whatever I did at work was done for Sergio. And Sergio did everything for me. So that was the heart.

However, Giorgio Armani didn’t leave the business, rather he expanded its portfolio and built it into its current empire. Armani entered the Japanese market and introduced new lines of socks in 1987, eyeglasses in 1988, and gifts in 1989. Around this time, Armani also developed the basic women’s and men’s lines called the A/X Armani Exchange.

Released in 1991, Armani Exchange was the company’s way to break into the mass market in America, offering lower prices for chic clothes.

armani exchange store

In the 1990s, the business expanded into other industries including hospitality and book publishing. By the end of the decade, Armani counted over 2,000 stores worldwide and had annual sales that surpassed $2 billion.

In 1995, Armani introduced a line of skiwear and ski casualwear. Armani’s fashion shows were major events and at one point, Eric Clapton composed music for them.

In 1998, wanting to break into the Chinese market, he opened his first, small shop in Beijing, followed by a flagship shop in Shanghai in 2004.

The Armani Brand at the Turn of the Century

In 2000, Armani started producing new lines of home furnishing and cosmetics and expanded the existing line of accessories. Armani’s name was known all around the world. An exhibition of his work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York counted an average attendance of 29,000 people a week.

Armani’s first haute couture line was launched in 2005. In 2009, Armani’s retail network spanned 37 countries and was comprised of:

  • 60 boutiques
  • 122 Emporio Armani stores
  • 11 Collezioni stores
  • 1 Giorgio Armani Accessori store
  • 94 A/X Armani Exchange store
  • 13 Armani Junior stores

Over the years, Armani designed costumes and clothing for major names across different industries. For instance, in 2008, he designed the Goyesco, a bullfighting costume worn by Cayetano Rivera Ordonez at the Corrida Goyesca in Spain. In 2011, he accepted Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge to create sustainable fashion out of recycled fabrics and plastics, designing a tuxedo for Colin Firth and a dress for Livia Firth.

giorgio armani Cayetano Rivera Ordonez

At the helm of the business, Armani is credited as a pioneer of red-carpet fashion. He was the first designer to ban models with a body mass index under 18 after the model Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to death. He was also the first to broadcast his collection online in the world of haute couture in 2007. His Prive Spring/Summer 2007 fashion show was broadcast via Cingular and MSN phones.

Fast forward to 2024, and Armani’s show closed Milan Fashion Week.

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Giorgio Armani’s Earnings and Role at the Company

Starting from 1975, Giorgio Armani is the CEO of the namesake company, as well as the chairman of the board of directors.

As the success of the company has fluctuated over the years, so has Armani’s fortune, falling and rising to reach $9 billion in 2024. He reportedly controls 85% of the voting rights in his empire and is the sole owner and largest shareholder of the company.

As the success of the company has fluctuated over the years, so has Armani’s fortune, falling and rising to reach $9 billion in 2024. He reportedly controls 85% of the voting rights in his empire and is the sole owner and largest shareholder of the company.

Back in 2022, the Milan-based fashion retailer had a market capitalization of $2.4 billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Today, the company’s valuation on the stock market is at least $5 billion.

Since Giorgio Armani has no official successors of his fortune and company, it is unclear who will inherit his fashion empire and massive fortune. Recently, Armani has hinted at possible changes for his fashion empire once he is no longer in charge of it. He has kept the business independent for decades, but he doesn’t rule anything out, saying that an IPO might just be in the cards for the company in the future.

Awards and Accolades

The Italian fashion designer is a major name around the world, having received numerous awards and accolades over the years. His contributions to fashion have been recognized with the following awards (and more):

  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by the Italian government
  • CFDA International Award in 1983
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2001
  • Outstanding Achievement Award by the British Fashion Council in 2019
  • Fashion Icon Award by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2015
giorgio armani knight grand cross

Giorgio Armani Net Worth: Other Investments and Assets

Armani’s career and investments are mostly through the Giorgio Armani Corporation. Throughout his career, Armani has expanded the business to various industries beyond fashion.

Armani Hotels

In 2005, Giorgio Armani and Emaar Properties PJSC signed an agreement to build and operate 7 hotels and 3 vacation resorts under the Armani name. The agreement was for Emaar Properties PJSC to build and operate the hotels, while Giorgio Armani was responsible for overseeing the interior design and style of the hotels.

Subsequently, the Armani brand launched Armani Hotels Resorts in 2005, which operates hotels in Dubai and Milan.

giorgio armani hotel dubai

Following the signing of the contract, the Armani Hotel was opened in the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa on 27 April 2010, capturing the bottom 39 floors of the Dubai skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates, offering 160 guest rooms and suites and 144 residences. The interiors of the Armani Residences within the skyscraper are also designed by Giorgio Armani, using products from the Armani Casa home furnishing collection.

Armani Hotel hosts some of the most prestigious fashion events, such as the gala for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience in 2015. The hotel has a nightclub called Armani Privé.

Restaurants and Cafes

Armani has expanded into the hospitality industry as well, opening restaurants and cafes in addition to luxury hotels. The brand operates with the Armani Ristorante located on New York City’s 5th Avenue, and has cafes in Cannes, France, and Doha, Qatar, among other locations.

armani caffe


Armani hotels and restaurants were far from the only investments Armani made outside of fashion. He has also kept a keen interest in sports over the years, being an Inter Milan fan and the owner and president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team.

In 2021, Armani entered a sponsorship deal as the official supplier to Scuderia Ferrari, providing official and travel ensembles to team members in return for brand exposure.

He has also designed numerous outfits and suits for different teams. He had designed the suits worn by players of Chelsea since 2007 and designed the Italian flag bearers’ clothing for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics. In 2012, Armani designed Italy’s Olympic uniforms for the London Summer Olympics.


Armani’s design skills extend to other industries, too, including the automotive industry. In 2003, his brand collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and designed a sports car called the Mercedes-Benz CLK or the “Armani Mercedes” with only 100 cars in production.

Private Jet and Superyacht

Giorgio Armani owns at least one private jet, which he used to travel to the 2008 Met Gala with David and Victoria Beckham, and a superyacht.

His Codecasa Mariu was named after his mother Maria, but he reportedly sold it. He now owns an Armai jet-black 213-foot superyacht called Main, which was built by the Italian company Codecasa. He reportedly designed the vessel’s interior himself. The Main yacht is worth $65 million.

Real Estate

In December 2020, Armani added a $17.5 million penthouse in Manhattan to his already rich real estate portfolio. In 2023, he bought a luxurious apartment inside the Giorgio Armani Residences in New York City, a condominium building that opened in 2024. The condos sit atop the flagship Madison Avenue fashion boutique. While we don’t know the value of his private residence, the remaining units in the Giorgio Armani Residences are worth between $8.5 million and $32 million.

In addition to his newest properties, Armani reportedly has a home on the Italian island of Pantelleria, which includes seven houses and a staff of 12 people when he stays there. He bought a house on the island in 1981, expanding it in subsequent years. He also reportedly owns a home on Antigua, the Caribbean island, though the value of these properties hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

What Can We Learn from Giorgio Armani’s Story?

Giorgio Armani, the king of Italian fashion, has left an indelible mark on the fashion world and amassed a staggering fortune, making him one of the richest people worldwide. With an estimated net worth of over $9 billion in 2024, Armani’s empire spans many industries from high-end couture to hospitality, sports, and real estate.

Armani’s journey to becoming a titan of the fashion industry is remarkable and inspiring. His humble beginnings instilled in him a strong work ethic, with an early career where he worked as a window dresser and a freelance designer, all before he was ready to embark on his journey of creating his own brand. Armani’s iconic brands such as Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani have become synonymous with style and sophistication, solidifying his status as a fashion icon.

Armani’s legacy extends beyond fashion. It embodies his commitment to timeless sophistication, elegance, and minimalist style. Through his dedication to sustainable fashion initiatives, Armani inspires generations with his pursuit of excellence. Armani’s innovative designs, characterized by natural fits, revolutionized the industry, teaching us that stepping out of the conventional is never a bad idea if you have the talent and vision for it.

Beyond fashion, Armani has diversified his investments, venturing into diverse industries. His influence extends beyond fashion and business, teaching us that one must spread their investments to diversify their income sources.