X, formerly Twitter, has unveiled a major shift in Public Interest Policy, redefining newsworthiness criteria – dive into Elon Musk’s influence on policy and X vs Twitter dynamics.

Gone are the days when a user’s follower count was the sole criterion for their posts to gain the “newsworthy” tag.

X’s past guidelines specifically necessitated verified accounts to be considered under the “Public Interest Expectations” umbrella.

However, with the recent option to attain verification via subscription, X has now shifted to evaluating posts by “high-profile accounts.”

The ambiguity surrounding what qualifies as a “high-profile account” remains, but the decision is a clear departure from earlier policies.

Previously, exceptions were exclusive to tweets from elected and government officials, signalling X’s commitment to promoting transparency around public figures’ statements.

But with this revamp, X has broadened the spectrum, eliminating the sole emphasis on a particular profile category.

X Policy Update 2023 Come Amid Backdrop of Geopolitical Unrest

This policy transformation occurs against the backdrop of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Recent data suggests a spike in user activity in the affected region, with a staggering 50 million posts centred on the situation.

Responding to these events, X has been proactive in curbing harmful narratives, they’ve taken action against “newly created Hamas-affiliated accounts” aligning with their Violent and Hateful Entities Policy. Collaborating with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), the platform aims to thwart the spread of “terrorist content.”

Despite these efforts, X’s journey to regulate content hasn’t been smooth – reports highlight issues of misinformation, from false news about Joe Biden’s funding decisions to the spread of misleading war footage.

X’s response to these challenges? A deeper embrace of its “Community Notes”, this crowdsourced moderation tool now enables users to add context to posts in real-time.

The functionality’s speed and efficiency, with notes appearing within minutes, empower the X community to shape the narrative actively.

To further enhance user control, X has rolled out a new feature enabling users to limit post replies to verified accounts only.

While originally designed as a countermeasure against spam bots, the feature also serves to give verified accounts heightened visibility, thereby emphasizing their importance in the digital dialogue.

Deciphering X vs Twitter Public Interest Policy: A Balanced Approach

Central to X’s updated policy is its nuanced approach to determining public interest.

Factors like offline harm potential, post relevance, and geopolitical context play pivotal roles, for instance, while posts from public figures during a public debate might be preserved, calls to action with potential harm would likely be removed.

This meticulous evaluation is evident in X’s detailed guidelines on various matters, from election integrity and terrorism to personal privacy, however, it’s clear that defining the bounds of “public interest” isn’t straightforward.

As X navigates this complex terrain, they’ve acknowledged the challenges, stating that every decision creates a new precedent – in essence, X’s policy revamp underscores the platform’s commitment to promoting meaningful conversations while ensuring safety and transparency.

The changes signify not just a procedural adjustment but a deeper reflection on the role social media platforms play in shaping global narratives.

As users and stakeholders, our role is to understand, adapt, and actively participate in this evolving dialogue around X Policy Update 2023 – and get verified!