meta platforms partners with doordash

DoorDash is reportedly partnering with the parent company of Facebook, Meta Platforms, to allow users to ship items they have sold through the social media platform’s Marketplace app in 48 hours or less.

According to an exclusive report from the Wall Street Journal, the service will be available for shipping goods within a 15 miles (24km) distance while the items must be small enough to fit in a car trunk.

DoorDash is currently testing a business-to-business (B2C) service called DoorDash Drive that will allow vendors to integrate the company’s delivery services into their infrastructure so a driver can be assigned to deliver an order right after the customer completes the checkout process.

The Marketplace delivery feature will be tested in a few cities first and it should make things easier for buyers who may not be able to pick the items up or for sellers who prefer not to invite a stranger into their homes to complete the transaction.

“DoorDash is always thinking about new ways to provide for the communities we serve. With access to unparalleled convenience and opportunity through a platform, we continually explore and test new innovations”, the company stated in regards to this new program

Marketplace is a feature that allows Facebook users to buy and sell products, typically used ones, with other people. The exchange is typically a bit uncomfortable as the two parties involved don’t usually know each other. It is unclear how Facebook will protect buyers from being defrauded by sellers who ship items in bad conditions or different from what they have advertised.

CEO of DoorDash Joined Meta Platforms’ Board of Directors Earlier This Year

This latest deal with Meta Platforms (META) comes nearly 7 months ago after the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoorDash, Tony Xu, joined the Board of Directors of the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg.

For Meta, Xu’s appointment is considered strategic at a point when the company is attempting to further monetize its social media platforms by incorporating more e-commerce and social commerce features.

In addition, the company will also be exploring ways to monetize its metaverse including the possibility of integrating a delivery service that can rapidly ship any good that customers buy via this virtual reality platform to their homes.

Teens Are Shunning Facebook and Spending Less Time on the App

According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, teens are shunning Facebook and going for more interactive and video-center social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram.

In this regard, the survey found that only 32% of young individuals aged 13 to 17 years old were currently using the social media platform compared to 71% back in 2014-2015.

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“While Facebook is still deeply integrated in teens’ everyday lives, it is sometimes seen as a utility and an obligation rather than an exciting new platform that teens can claim as their own”, Pew’s researchers commented.

TikTok, one of Meta’s toughest rivals at the moment among young individuals, is reportedly attracting as much as 67% of this same age group, managing to outpace Instagram by 500 basis points.

In addition, the frequency with which teens are using the social media platform has also decreased. According to Pew’s survey, only 7% of those that claimed to still be using the app stated that they were on it constantly – a figure that represents just 2% of all teens.

Surprisingly, Marketplace has become popular among this cohort and this could be the reason why Meta is partnering with DoorDash so they can facilitate things for an age group that is increasingly distancing itself from the world’s largest social media network.

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